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The creation of PATTERN

Creating the PATTERN is done by changing from the editor mode to the PATTERN mode.

Create Pattern
To start the recording of the PATTERN.
By starting the PATTERN record mode,
the musical performance that is played after starting the mode will be recorded.

Record Mode

By pressing the [REC] button in the PATTERN panel or the [Space] key, the recording for PATTERN will begin.
By pressing the button or key again, the recording will be stopped.
Entering the Note Data
By playing the piano keys while in the PATTERN recording mode,
Note data will be recorded in the edit panel.

* 4 Octave
* "Do" sound as in Do Re Mi...
* Velocity 200
* Arpeggio Number is 0 (Off) By pressing the [R] key, you can input a rest note.

* If you do not enter a rest note, the sound will keep on going,
so don't forget to enter a rest note when you want to end the sound.
Adjust Data
To adjust data that has been entered, move the cursor to the point that you want to adjust,
and use the [+] and [-] keys to change it.

The adjusting of the data can also be done while not in PATTERN recording mode. By selecting a area, multiple data can be edited.
By pressing the [^] key, you can change the Legato of the Note.

* What is Legato
A method of playing that allows you play smoothly without a stop between sounds.
Useful Editing Command
Copy & Paste (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)
You can Copy and Paste the data in the TRACK.

Select All (Ctrl + A)
Play all the data that is selected.

PATTERN Copy (Ctrl + Shift +C)
Copy the selected PATTERN.
Entering the Rhythm Data

By clicking the place where you want to place the rhythm with your mouse,
the rhythm data can be entered at specific points.
Setting for PATTERN Information

The length of the PATTERN and the swing of the notes within the musical performance can be established.
Change of PATTERN
You can change the PATTERN that you want to edit with the button above the PATTERN Panel.

Total of 32 (0 through 31) PATTERNs can be created per song.

Mute for TRACK
By marking areas with mute for the TRACK,
the TRACK will not be heard when the song reaches the marked points.