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Make a Sound

Play on the Piano Keys

You can play the piano keys on the keyboard panel.
The way to use the keyboard are shown below.

Click the mouse on the tone that you want to hear.


Notes have been assigned to keys for usage with the keyboard.
The [Z] key will play the [C] note as illustrated above.
You can change the octave that you wish to play in by using the [OCTAVE] button on the left side of the key board panel.

Change the Tone
You can change the levels of the [VOICE] in the TRACK panel to change the tone.


Play the Drum

To play the drum, you can press the [Move TRACK] button on the left of the TRACK panel or press the [Tab] key, Left arrow key or Right arrow key to move to the Drum TRACK.

Drum Track

When you move to the Drum TRACK, the Piano keybindings, as shown on the Keyboard TRACK will be repurposed to fulfill the role of Drum playing.

In Drum TRACK, you can play 8 drum sounds.
The buttons for playing the drums are shown below.

Drum Sound

Play Arpeggio
By changing the [ARP] parameter on right side of the keyboard panel, you can play in Arpeggio.


* What is Arpeggio
Arpeggio is the process of breaking chord into individual notes, selecting the key notes, then playing them in sequence, achieving a significantly different sound.
Arpeggio is oten used to express sensitive emotion that matches the melody and to create an effect that differs from sound utilizing regular chord.