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texture edit interface

In GetAmped2, avatar items in possession can be edited to an original avatar.

texture edit interface Screen
Avatar Preview Window
You can preview the avatar you are currently editing.
Moving the mouse while pressing the right button, you can turn your avatar around.
Moving the mouse while pressing the left button, you can scroll the screen to the direction you move.
You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.
Texture Window
This is the area where you edit the texture of your Skin.
You can use a pen tool to draw on it.
Color Palette
By adjusting the 3 primary colors of R(red), G(green) and B(blue),
you can create a color that is not in the palette.
"A" is the unclearness of the color.
When the number is clicked, a yellow arrow will appear on both sides.
Moving the mouse to left or right, will decrease or increase the number.
The color box indicated on the left side shows the color currently chose.
Tool Box
The basic tool to edit the texture.
Tool Explanation

Square Selecting Tool
The dotted line in square will be the range of selection.
The selected range will be shown in white.

Pencil Tool
A tool to draw freely.
Drawing is basicly done with this tool.

Line Tool
A tool to draw a straight line.
Left click on the starting point and drag the line to the place you want to end the line.

Square Tool
A tool to draw a square.

Circle Tool
A tool to draw a circle.
It basically works just like the Square Tool.

Paint Over Tool
This tool can paint over the area colored in same color with your choice of color.

Syringe Tool
The dropper-like tool is used to select a color that is used in texture window.

Hand Tool
A tool used to drag the screen to change the area where you are viewing.

Zoom Tool
You can zoom in by right click and zoom out by left click while this tool is chosen.
Pen Tool
The size of a dot can be changed with this tool.
The dot becomes larger as you go right. Change the size of a dot when necessary.
Mode Tool
An advanced tool for editing a texture.
These tools are used to add an effect to the basic tools.
Tool Explanation

Wide Range Mode
You can set a color for inner blank space when using Square Tool and Circle Tool.

Anti-aliasing Mode
By selecting this tool, the line you draw will be blurred. The line will be smooth as the intermediate color of surrounding area will be selected for the dot.

Color Gradient Mode
Unlike the normal gradient tool, the color drawn will match the color currently used
in the texture.

Reverse Mode
By selecting this tool, the line you draw will be automatically reflected to the opposing areas in the texture..
Display Tool
The tool to support the editing of the texture.
Tool Explanation

Show Outline
You can see on which polygon the texture is used.

Grid Indication
White grid will be shown.
Use them to balance the right and left areas of the texture.
Command Tool
These tools are useful for editing your Skin.
Tool Explanation

You are able to undo the previous action.

You are able to redo the action canceled by UNDO.

You can copy the texture in selected range. Range can be selected by Square Selecting Tool.
It is useful when using a similar texture in different areas.

You can paste the texture you have copied by COPY.
As long as it is shown in white, you can move the texture in that range to adjust it.

You can import the texture of an image that is made with other tools.

You can save the texture data currently applied on the Skin.

You can refresh the textures and polygons to default setting.
Avatar Parts
You can select avatar parts to use for editing your Skin.
Selecting SAVE will save the skin data as a data file.
The name of the file will end with ".skin2".
You can load data having this extension ".skin2" by selecting OPEN
You can only load data that is ".skin2". ".skin" file can not be loaded.
Preview Change Command
Pose : You can preview the emotion frame by frame. (default will be 5)
ACTION : You can preview the animate the character in your current Skin.
Display Mode : You can preview either "Whole Body", "Selected Body Part" or "Face and Hair Only".