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Community Function

Here, we will explain about the lobby screen.

Community Space Basic operation
Community Space Screen
Chat Type Box
Type in the words to chat in the blue area and press enter, and the words will shown in the balloon over the character.
You can also click the blue area to start chat.
There are various types of chat, such as chat to "People Around", to "Area", "Private" chat and "Guild" chat.
To toggle chat type, click on the "People Around" button on bottom left corner.

People Around:
The chat balloon will be seen to the players around you.
Default setting will be set as "People Around"
Chat will be seen to all of the players that are in same lobby area.
Private Chat:
Chat will be seen to only the player that you have specified.
The character's face and name will be seen as well.
Able to chat beyond areas.
Guild Chat:
Chat will be seen to all players that are in the same guild where you belong.

Note: The chat balloon will not appear when using Private Chat or Guild Chat.
Your Character
Menu will pop-up when clicking on other player's character.
* You can also show this menu by clicking on the name of other player in the player list.

Shows profile of the player.
When you choose this menu from the player list, you can also view your own profile.

Chat Menu:
Selecting "Chat" will start "Private Chat" with the player.
You can also choose "Mail" to send in-game mail to the player.

Friend Menu:
Opens menu to invite the player to your guild or to become friend.

Black List Registration:
Registers the player to black list.
Registered user will be shown in black on the list, and their chat will be blocked.
You can drop down the icon of emotions you obtain in to a slot to use the emotion.
You can sit down by selecting the "Body Icon" on the left side of the emotion slots.
Clicking on the white box on the right side of the emotion slot will open "Emotion Setup" screen.
Drag and drop the emotion icon from your emotion inventory to each slots, and the emotion is ready to use.
Emotion Set

Chat Log
You can view chat log.
*Log will be wiped when moving to other areas.
You can also show the player list by clicking on the book icon.
Chat Log

Guild Room

This area can be entered when you have your own guild or joined a guild. One guild lobby is available per guild.
*You need to reach specific rank to create your own guild.

Guild Room Screen
Place Objects
Objects such as monument or furnitures can be placed inside the guild room.
Guild Member List
This will show the list of members in the guild.
You can also make a guild icon, check the amount of Star Points collected or manage your guild members.
Guild BBS
Guild members can communicate using this dedicated BBS.
Gilman will assist you on managing your guild. You can buy "Enlarge guild room" or "Enlarge max guild member"
from him consuming Star Point.
He may also give you some valuable information.