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How to play GetAmped2?

To play GetAmped2, download the GetAmped2 game client.

Exciting 3D Battle Action RPG!

Fight through the burning battle with your opponent and survive till the end... That is GetAmped2!

Shapes and colors of the characters can be changed freely!

The "Skin Edit" system enables you to paint the colors and change the shapes of your character.
There is no mistake that you can enjoy the high level customize like no other!
None the less, by combining the Styles (types), Weapon, Accessories and avatars as you like, your can customize your character to match your play style!

Equip an Accessory and use various abilities!

By equipping an Accessory you can use many abilities.
Accessories can be used as they are but if you want a more powerful ability, try the Accessory strengthening.
By synthesizing the strengthening material and the Accessory, may be you can use a more wonderful ability!?

Beat the Val Shark Army!

At Wingdom, the main world of GetAmped2, a mysteries organization called the "Val Shark Army" are prevailed and many terrorist attacks are being made.
Even the "Mega Force", the peace keeping force of Wingdom is troubled by them. Though you were invited as a GAT fighter, you will be involved in the heroic battle against the Val Shark Army.
Clear the mission and the quest that is given, and defeat the Val Shark Army!


A.D. 2120.

Nearly half a century after mankind first jumped out of the solar system and had numerous unexpected encounters in the center of the Galaxy....

In the Earth's second satellite, the floating city of Wingdom, The second act of the GetAmped Tournament has begun!

Through all around the world, even from outer space, came the well-known fighters to prove that they are the best.
The Tournament looked as if it was the ultimate tournament to choose who the No.1 was.
Because the Tournament was a memorial tournament to introduce the planet Earth to the Galaxy, the people were excited as if they were celebrating the new start of mankind.

On the other hand, a conspiracies of the mysteries terrorist organization "Val Shark Army" and other foreign country that did not want the success of the tournament were surrounding Wingdom...


2067The mankind's first outer solar system probe "Spin Ride" flew off the Earth.
2071It made contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial life in the Centauri quadrant, 4 light years away from Earth.
The mankind was stunned.
2076"Spin Ride" came back to Earth.
It was revealed that they were requested to send an autograph letter in the name of Galaxy Federation and a delegation that was gathered with the representative of the planet Earth to the Sirius system.
2077The correspondence to this delegation caused the United Nations Security Conference to collapse.
The promoting countries arbitrary launched a special transport with the delegation, but the transport was shot down by an opposition group.
This caused a start of a war. This war is called the "Uni Port War" in name of the special transport that was shot down.
2086Despite of the relentless pursuit of the opposition group, the 10th delegation finally succeeded to contact the Galaxy Federation.
Because of this, the Uni Port War was put to an end.
2090Earth officially joined the Galaxy Federation.
2110In memorial of the 20th year of the Galaxy Federation, the construction of a floating city was started by a joint company consist of companies in and out of Earth.
It was going to be the first example of a realization of a future science, and the largeness of the scale of the construction was watched with keen interest.
2113The management bankruptcy and the suspension of the development company of Wingdom were announced.
The suspension of the biggest construction in the history of mankind brought great disappointment to the people, but soon after this incident, GAI Company announced the continuation of the construction and the buy out of Wingdom.
Because the sum of this buy out is not yet reveled, this buyout caused a great deal of speculations.
2115The first period of the construction of Wingdom was completed.
At the same time GAI Company transferred the main office to Wingdom.
2118The 1st. GetAmped Tournament was held.
The Tournament ended in a great prosperity with the victory of Bon Seagal.
To invite more extraterrestrial fighters that were guest participants at this tournament was the task for the next tournament.
2119A large reconstruction of Wingdom was done to prepare for the second tournament.
To introduce the history of Earth to the whole galaxy, a numerous historical landmarks and natures were moved to Wingdom.
2120The 2nd GetAmped Tournament will be held !