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GMS I'm sorry.. (Repost)

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GMS I'm sorry.. (Repost)

Postby DaysMayu » 06 Dec 2018, 14:58

Hello..this will be my first and probably last.. dear GMS.. i understand this isn't your fault for GA1/2 is a original JP release and how you all can only get what they give to you but only translated in ENG, to only get what's being sent for players like us to receive. c: um.. I remember when we had tons and tons of players..i returned this exact day from Before..and its like really really empty, I have to thank masel for keeping track of everything... i miss you GMS..what happened..did you all get fired? did you all stop caring? did you all just pretend all this wasn't happening.. to the amount of love the players relay on you all,, you could of posted a recent notice of what was going on.. this is no different than how Sega threw up the PSO2 will be released in the U,S..with their trailers and all..but never got it.. and i understand that.. i hope that this thread was touching to those who are reading it.. troll or not, hate or like,.. i just wish you GMS would say one last word..just one last word..even if it's "bye" to show you are alive.. v_v .. i will miss you all for that was the game room of my you see what i mean..if this game shuts down.. i just want to say its..been fun..
I hope we all can stay connected .. My steam:InnocentMeix c:
ps. hurts when players in game shows hatred..over a gameplay and fight when its suppose to be fun..
it hurts more..when cyberstep knows their fans are crying for them..
-Meix c: :?
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