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This game is Trash

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This game is Trash

Postby AzuraOmega » 15 Dec 2017, 23:25

how is any of this at all balanced and fair? the AI in rival matches are also really OP to the point of being severely unfair or even dare i say, Impossible. combat is awful in general. Accessories you actually pay real money for are OP to the point they're unbalanced and broken.

im gonna delete this game at this point. its a bad game. a really bad Pay to win game.
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Re: This game is Trash

Postby Masel » 17 Dec 2017, 06:56

Most of what you said is stuff ppl are already aware of.

As for the video, that accessory is actually weak beyond it's zoning capabilities. The infinite you see in the video actually got patched out later that year. Nevertheless, the game is really unfriendly to new players and players that cannot pay, however, as there's very little content for them, and even less ppl to play with as there's a HUUUUUUUGE skillgap caused by how long the game's been running.

As for the rival matches, this may be relevant:
The AI on this game actually do have a general weakness . . . and sadly that weakness makes most of them less interesting to play against than if you fought them normally, so most ppl only play PVE on the basis of getting certain drops. The real shame comes in in that making a decent AI for this game wouldn't actually be hard: just take the moves and behaviors from the Val-Heads, Val-Jack and Val-Puncher, combine it together, make it slightly more aggressive and give it more HP . . .

But in the end, it's your decision if you want to keep playing or not. I would suggest not playing, the company's had a very long running streak of bad management, and lots of other things. People have been making complaints for change since literally the very start. One person even tried to start a riot over this game . . .
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