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GetAmped2 Community Discord - Hosted by ~Plushie~

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GetAmped2 Community Discord - Hosted by ~Plushie~

Postby TailsKanru » 01 Oct 2017, 11:34

I have a discord up and ready for use for anyone in GetAmped2 or outside of GetAmped2.

Later on I will make specific channels and sub servers to host up some places for these kind of events...

**User Made Tournaments

**Alternative GCD Discord for different languages such as Brazil, Portuguese, Vietnam, and others. ++ Will be asking for Duo-lingo people to host that server ++

**Specific Channels for Skin Makers to host up for Jobs/Commissions and much more - Even with Showcasing.

** So much more to be made and updated, I will be leaving this permalink here for the Community Discord for GetAmped2 and non Ga2 Players.

Please come join in and start making this game *sorta* live again!

Thanks for your time! ~Plushie~
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