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My Room

My Room is a one for one person, private lobby.
Make your room original.

My Room Basic Screen
My Room Basic Screen
Furniture Setting Button
Clicking the button will pop up a screen where you can place your furnitures or change the room.
[For details seer "Furniture Arrangement"]
Show MyRoom Setting Button
Clicking the button will show detailed setting of MyRoom.
You can write a comment about your room or set rules for your room.
See Message Board
You can view and write in the dedicated message board.
You can also view the list of visitors of the room and friends of the owner.
MyRoom Details
You can view the message from owner.
View Calendar
You can check the day you logged in, and game modes you played that day.
Also you can check amount of Calendar Points you acquired, and use them to exchange with prizes.
Calendar Function/Calendar Point

You can acquire Calendar Points by
following actions.

* Login to the Game※1
* Play GAT Stadium※2
* Play Duel Battle※3
* Play Guardian Mission※4
* Play Street Fight※5
(One point per each action,
maximum of 5 points can be acquired per day)

Furniture Arrangement
Furniture Arrangement Screen
Your Room
You can view your MyRoom's current layout.
From "Change Room", you can change your room if you purchased or acquired new rooms at Prime Market.
Furniture List
You can view list of furnitures you own.
All furnitures can be removed from room by clicking "Clean Up Room".
Furniture Arrangement Area
By drag & dropping the furniture icon from the Furniture List to the area indicated in blue, you can place furnitures.
If you drag the placed furniture out of the room area, the selected furniture will be removed.
Placing the furniture on table will show a green area indicating that the furniture will be placed above the table.
Furnitures can be turned around by right clicking the furniture.