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Battle Screen

Here, we will explain about the battle screen.

Tournament Mode / Street Mode
Tournament Mode
Time Limit (Tournament Mode)
The time limit for the battle is shown.
Player Parameter
The parameter of the participating fighters are shown.[For details see under "Battle Parameter"]
Team Marker (Tournament Mode)
Only in team battle, a marker that indicates which team the player belongs to will be shown above each character.
Weapon Status
The status of the equipped weapon is shown.
Guardian Mode
Guardian Mode
The Enemy Energy Gauge
The remaining force of enemy that appears in the Guardian mode is shown.
Boss HP Gauge
The HP of the boss character that appears is shown.
Enemy HP Gauge
The HP for the appearing enemy character is shown.
Field Item
When a strong hit has been made, or when an item box has been broken, an item with some kind of effect may appear.
Mega Force Marker
Ally will have this marker above them.
Battle Parameter
Battle Parameter Screen
Player Name
The name of the player will be shown.
Player Icon
Each character's face will be shown.
HP Gauge
The amount of player's HP will be shown.
When the HP becomes 0, the character is dead.
MP Gauge
The amount of player's MP will be shown.
When the MP becomes 0, the character is enable to use the special skills.
Player Marker
The character that the player is using is shown with a mark over there head.
The number of hits in the combo is shown.
Voltage and Voltage ON

When ever you attack or attacked, character's voltage would rise.
When the voltage is at its MAX, there will be a red swirl around your character icon. (Voltage ON)
When you use a special skill in this condition with particular equipment, Super Special Skill will be available.
Voltage will disappear after a time period, even if you did not use the Super Special Skill.