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Download the client file from below.

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GetAmped2 Game

At the point of downloading the game, we assume that it was agreed in the GetAmped2 client "software license agreement".

GetAmped2 Client Software License Agreement

systems requirements

Standard System
macintosh X10.5.8 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz
memory graphics board (*1)
download/mac_table7 NVIDIA GeForce 9400
Hard Disc 800MB of hard disk space or more
System Requirements 1Mbps or more. (*1)
* Setting up the TCP/UDP will be needed for connecting at the application if you use firewall.
Supported Devices USB game pad (8 keys or more)
Mouse with 3 buttons
(*1) System that can be connected continuously with the Internet through ADSL or CATV/Optical Cable
Standard System System that is available to access internet with speed TA/DSU or more and also support ISDN 64kbps.
Recommended System System that can be connected continuously with the Internet through ADSL.
Required Port The port information that is used for GetAmped2.
Please set up the port will be needed for connecting with these numbers if you use router
Apprication: /GA2/Contents/MacOS/GA2
Protcol: TCP and UDP
Port Number(Remort): TCP 7000-7200

Although its above system requirement has been satisfied, it may not operate depending upon the computer of errand. If you have further question, please contact at the Contact Page in official website.