Spy quest

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Spy quest

Postby Rollen » 2010-Dec-11 05:28:56

I'm wondering how I finish this quest. General tells me to talk to sparks for clues on whose the spy. When I go see her she tells me to fight NPC at the trainning room for a quest. I went to the dojo and did practice and i played practice against the npc for 5 minutes and then went back to her and she is still telling me the same thing about whether or not if I want to the stadium and that I should train with NPC's in the training room.
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Re: Spy quest

Postby Sonic » 2010-Dec-18 18:55:46

You did the NPC part wrong. Go to the GAT Stadium and select the flame button at the top. Scroll alllllll the way down till you see NPC training or something like that. Complete 1 match and go back to Sparks. She should have new information.
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Re: Spy quest

Postby Goku » 2010-Dec-18 22:10:57

or those who doesn't know how to do the SPY QUEST,.this may help you

FIRST, If u receive the "Spy Quest"
General will ask u to talk to Sparks..

Sparks will tell u to do an NPC match..then u must go to GAT stadium.."make a room" CHOOSE the most FAR Bottom.
Finish the battle..then talk again to Sparks,,

after that, she will ask u to look for Noburo(GAT stadium), Zen(Spin Square), Carlson(Spin Square: located at top of the flower bed) and Johny Dan to investigate them
(NVM talking to Johnny Dan..hes nothing to do w/ it)

after that, Noburo will ask u to investigate the TOURISTs. .go to SPIN SQUARE and talk to ALL tourist out there..and DONT forget to talk to the MUSTACHE & COOL guard at GAT Stadium before heading next..

After u have talk to all of them, go back to Noburo as he has Something to say..

then u Go talk to Linda at GAT stadium..
After that, u GO back to SPIN SQUARE go talk to Sparks..she will give u now the "Linda's I.D.."

Lastly, go talk to Linda(hot Afro Gal) at GAT stadium..then MISSION COMPLETE

u can go back now to General to claim ur price..

AFTER claiming your Price on "Spy Quest", GO BACK again to General as he will give you ur RANK UP reward..

if theres something wrong on my guide, don't hesitate to ask me,thx!*

ALSO, if any mission u wanna KNOW im here to help ya.. e.g "TRAITOR QUEST"

Guide thanks to zetamarz
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