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Skin Tutorial?

Postby Tweezy » 2011-Apr-09 20:36:50

I was wondering if there was someone who can make a skin tutorial for new skin makers. Im not looking 2 make a skin, i have a skin i made already. Im just trying to help out new player's who r in need of help by making this post. A player by the name of JejemonzZz is in need of help, and im also sure that there r other's who r in need of help. So if there is some one who dosent mind making a tutorial in word's or video, anything will help. can u plz post it here. and plz dont be imature and call me a dumb asshole 4 trying to get some one help. if it is your own video or words could u plz explain how everything works and what it does in skin edit, also, if its in words can u plz post a pic of what your talking about in the edit. also if there is a tutorial in the forum, im sorry 4 not looking 4 it, im being lazy right now, im 2 tired 2 search the whole forum for the tutorial.
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Re: Skin Tutorial?

Postby TPArtemis » 2011-Apr-10 03:57:29

Turn lightning to 0, if ur gonna do anime, DO NOT MESS UP THE EYES, if ur unsure where to shade, shade the skin where it meets clothing, shade the pubic area, shade the armpits, shade the top of the neck, make use of ctrk drag on the polygon
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Re: Skin Tutorial?

Postby Sio » 2011-Apr-10 06:55:59

Make lighting 0
Take your time on the lines
There's many varieties of shading, use the one you think you're best at
Try to avoid pure black or pure white for shades
Take you're time on the polygons, they're very tricky the first few times.
Be careful on the eyes! Don't make them too big, too small, too close, or too far.
For each coloured use, you should have at least 3 different shades/tints for that colour ready.
Pick clothing which is closest to what you want to make, this will help take less time.
If you can't think of what else to do, ask some friends what to add in.
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