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GetAmped2 or more like GetDissapointed2

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GetAmped2 or more like GetDissapointed2

Postby 0ni-Zero » 20 Dec 2018, 08:01

The end of the year is getting close and i started to think on this game... not about how abandoned it is, since, it's not the first C$ game that i've seen getting abandoned, but rather on how lazy C$ behaved... again, no new maps (seems that at best they are just porting maps from non-jp servers that somehow still exist), no new accessories, i mean, C$ made other games, i doubt people will complain much if a Jikun-Hu/Long accessory is released or if Cosmic Break/C21 robot styles are released hell, even if almost all Onigiri weapons are just vesels for skills they still have unique charactes with unique weapons, they could also remake mobs and stages from those games to fit GA2 style, imagine a dungeon crawler based on C21 where you fight robotic mobs and bosses, they could also do the same for Onigiri, fighting mythological beings (well besides the ones that already exist here, and even then, those could be parallel versions) , they could also adapt some missions from C21 and Cosmic Break/2 (along with some event quest from Onigiri) as missions here, the rewards on those could be materials for the inital weapons on those games (as craft-able accessories) along with skill cards for the fancy-er moves and the advanced weapons be added to gacha (like accessories bassed on Draken, Seraph Crimrose Sigma, Uesugi Kenshin, Miyamoto Musashi, etc.)

But no, C$ already jumped to the mobage wagon making a watered down GA1 port and the not-GA2 bootleg called Dawn of the Breakers, well, is not like those are going to be abandoned like the Onigiri moba, Cosmic Commander, etc. despite being disappointed at C$ for constantly abandoning games in favor of quck cash, i do hope that the ones that remain here manage to squeeze at least some bit of the fun until the server shuts down someday.
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