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Can't login on my account

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Can't login on my account

Postby Moorey » 01 Aug 2018, 23:34

I can't seem to be able to login to my account "Moorey".
I just started playing again 1 day ago, and was able to play fine, and at the end of one of my games in the pvp area my game crashed and I haven't been able to log into the account since, I get "Connection to the channel has been lost. Returning to the title screen." every time I try.
I don't know what caused this and I'm just trying to get back into the game again and now this is stopping me aha, any help would be appreciated

Also I need to verify my account and can't because it won't resend me a code, I'd like help with that too if possible ^^;
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Re: Can't login on my account

Postby Masel » 10 Aug 2018, 05:38

You'll want to go to the support desk ("Contact Us" button) on the main portal website to talk to the staff about this.

If this is happening when you try to reach your room, it's likely it will fix after a maintenance. I would recommend trying to log in again after such. if it's not fixed then, you should try going to the support desk on the main portal website.
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