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Splashfighters Getamped 2 migration

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Splashfighters Getamped 2 migration

Postby kurbart3 » 23 Jul 2015, 11:02

Hello, Cyberstep. I know you’re probably not going to reply but I’d like to let you know the migration of accounts is a novel idea but also flawed in several ways.
I believe most of the community will agree with me in that this method of migration is unfair to players who invested massive amounts of time and money to keep SplashFighters alive – myself included. I believe you should add more items to the package, as the current package doesn’t come close to the effort we have spent on the server.
500C is only 5 USD and can get almost nothing on GetAmped. I believe it should be around 2000C and increased with each package tier. It’s a similar case with the tickets and ingots – in my opinion, 5 for boost package, 10 for big boost package, and 20 for massive boost package sounds about right. As for in-game currency, my estimate of an adequate amount would be 9000 for boost, 15000 for big boost, 30000 for massive boost. To quote your post, “total playtime the last 6 months” – in all honesty, the server has been dying as most players had to left due to the lack of updates. The community is still here, evidenced by the fact that every post on the forums has over 100 views. Older players do want to come back, but with this migration you may have just shut out all the older players that made the game great.

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Re: Splashfighters Getamped 2 migration

Postby Masel » 24 Jul 2015, 07:00

I'll admit, they sold you short, but most the time there ain't even a transfer service in cases like this.

Hello, my name is Masel, I'm oddly well-known around these parts despite not doing anything noteworthy.

currently this game is going through some issues, to say the least, so it might be a little much to expect CS to respond. They've also always been kinda bad at giving incentives for account transfer / moving to another server.
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