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Forum Introduction + KDJ Songs

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Forum Introduction + KDJ Songs

Postby Kuro37 » 08 Sep 2017, 02:20

I never really felt the need to ever post in here, but I might as well share my work. I'm kuro/turbografx, I've been playing GetAmped 2 since October of 2013. I was instantly drawn in by the game's customization features (I'm an absolute sucker for that kind of stuff in games). I've had a lot of good times in the game, and I've have some bad times. Some people in the community are total wieners, but some people are pretty cool and know how to have fun. It's been a while since I last played this game actively, and all of my friends have since stopped playing. It kinda makes me a bit sad to admit it, but the game's gotten old for me, and I kinda want to share some of my stuff with the community before I completely forget about the game.

TL;DR, What you'll find in this post are a selection of my favorite KDJ sequences I made. Feel free to use them or edit them as you want (just don't steal credit, or I'll break your legs!!)
Will I ever finish the unfinished songs? Probably not, since the KDJ-PLUS interface is trash and is absolutely bloated. Plus, what's the point; I can only use these songs in GetAmped/Cosmic Break; I can't even listen to these outside of the games. Anyway, these songs are sorted in the order that they were made, hope someone enjoys these.

Finished Songs:
Pallet Town (Pokemon RBGY):
Pokemon Center (Pokemon RBGY):
Boss Theme (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari/River City Ransom): / Edit:
Jenka (Cave Story):
Labyrinth Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog):
Flying Battery Zone 1 (Sonic 3&K):
Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2):
All-Star (Smash Mouth): / Instrumental:
Pascal's Theme (Shin Megami Tensei):
Bridge Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog [8-bit]):
Escape Beyond Big Boss (Metal Gear):
Your Best Friend (Undertale):
Fallen Down (Synth ver.)(Undertale):
Wrong Enemy..?! (Undertale):
Athletic Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3):

Short Loops:
In the Room (Mega Man Battle Network):
Do Your Best! (Good Manners Songs For Children - Do Your Best):
Happytown (Undertale):

Unfinished Songs:
Safety (Cave Story):
Main Theme (Metro Cross):
Spider Dance (Undertale):
FastPaced (TAM Music Factory):
Aboard the Cursed Ship (Sorcerian):
Cavernous Canyons (SpongeBob Supersponge):
Cruel Angel's Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion):
Twin Memories (TwinBee series):
Untitled Undertale Remix:
In-game username: turbografx
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