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Blocked From Logging In, Because Of A Hacker

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2018, 08:27
by Calisto
Hello Getamped 2, I am a new player to this game.

My in-game name was Alricson. A hacker by the screen-name of McBrain used a hack on my account - and now I can't log in. It just says, "unknown error".

I told the McBrain person got mad at me, because he kept hacking high-level draw accessories, and then on top of that - putting floating body on the accessory.
I'm a new player, so this was frustrating, and I told him to stop and hackers have no skill.

He sent me a message in the mail saying that my account was, "*fabulous*" - next thing I know, I got logged out of the game. Now whenever I try to log back on, I just get "unknown error". I wanted to log back in, and show the screen-shot of what he said, but I can't log back in.

I just started playing this week, and spent $10 on Crescents, so the fact that I can't even log in - because of a cheater and a hacker is nauseating...I was really having fun :(

Re: Blocked From Logging In, Because Of A Hacker

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2018, 09:32
by Calisto
I have just been able to log into my account, apparently when maintenance occurs - it undo's the room/log-in hack used by the hacker, "McBrain".

I was informed by people that "McBrain" is a well known hacker on this game, and to prevent people from not allowing you to log into your account, you must change your room settings, and not allow anyone to enter your room.

The hacker, "McBrain" - also sent me mail mocking me about the fact that he locked me out of my account.

I took a screenshot, and confronted him about what he did.


The rest of the members of this game - I urge you to take screenshots of when McBrain is hacking, and send them to Cyberstep, and/or post them on these forums and/or the community center.

To Cyberstep - I urge you to ban McBrain.

A person, who is not a moderator nor admin, should not be able to unilaterally remove players from a game.

I request, that not only is McBrain banned - but IP Banned, because he'll just make a new account, and begin hacking all over again.