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ilegal bot

Postby xOtaviox » 26 Aug 2018, 04:43

every day shadownew is using bot to start the play in his room but stay's afk the bot just put ready and start the game and i think his attitude isn't cool to the game because many players are using this to won a "free xp" i hope you take somme action about that
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Re: ilegal bot

Postby Masel » 26 Aug 2018, 07:18

First off, I have to clarify something.

There's two players named "Shadownew" on the game: "Shadownew" and "shadownew". The player, "shadownew" with a lowercase "S" is a player that has been around for awhile and plays the game normally. The player "Shadownew" is a bot, made by another player (who has since been banned, but is using alts) and is intentionally naming bots after other players on the game in an attempt to attempt to incriminate them. This has been done to many players on the game, including myself.

As for the bots, most the people on the game just avoid them and warn ppl that they're bots. Oddly, no one here WANTS to play with bots and they tend to avoid them. No one's done anything beyond that to prevent the person from changing their strategy to something that might actually be more troublesome.

Previous case of said Döppelganger bots: ... ic_id=5549

If you don't believe me regarding this, I also have picture evidence for this case that I can upload.

proof they're two separate people, in two separate guilds.
GA2_shadownew_and_Shadownew.png (84.1 KiB) Viewed 2360 times
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