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Hello I would like to make a report about hacker/exploiter

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Hello I would like to make a report about hacker/exploiter

Postby lululu11 » 10 May 2018, 08:40

I have encountered a hacker who hack HP and ringout, I think his name is "Dominating". I heard that he has more than 20 accounts. At that time, when I was in his room. He made everyone bullied me and told me I'm stupid, he denied for using hack and exploits. He was like didn't get much damage than it expected. His HP lowering very slow and only a little. I think the best way to get rid all of these hackers/exploiters is the admins/moderator should ban their IP address, so that they can't even make another account to join the game anymore. Please do something, It's very sad to see the game community dying ;(, this game is my childhood game, I don't wanna see it die like this. :(
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Re: Hello I would like to make a report about hacker/exploit

Postby Masel » 12 May 2018, 11:47

gonna have to stop you there.

Normally i'd say, "talk it to customer support via the mailfourm," but while even I don't like that guy, you don't have enough evidence to accuse him of hacking. The result you spoke of could easily be achieved legit if a somewhat skill person is using a style with 5+ DEF, (Hero, Knight Gear, Knight, Beast King) Level 20 floating body, and a defensive skill like toughness or an inherit to reduce chip damage like patient guard or blessed veil. You may wanna read up on some of the things that exist in the game, so i'm gonna link you to some pages on the GA2Dojo fan-wiki.

If you wish to accuse the person in question, I suggest gathering more evidence, or getting video next time.
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