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Hackers can BAN

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Hackers can BAN

Postby getmaster3 » 30 Apr 2018, 05:57

my ign is Rage_trix and i try to know if this is legit hacker named Negative◯ ban my account. Please do something and return my account please !!!

this is my Youtube footage
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Re: Hackers can BAN

Postby Masel » 06 May 2018, 08:43

First off, ppl rarely look here, (as evidenced by how long it took for a response) and it'd be better to send this to the mailfourm. Now, to clear up some things:

1) He's not "banning" you. If he banned you you'd not even be able to reach the channel select screen.

2) Please, avoid deliberately provoking people. I've told you all this a million times. Just don't do it. No matter who the person is. >_>

As for what he really did, he simply bugged your room, so that you get an error going to your room. Usually this bug gets fixed by a simple maintenance, but not always. Sometimes you have to talk with support to get them to fix your room.
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