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I have a problem

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I have a problem

Postby KingUrso » 22 Jan 2018, 21:40

Hey ,i have a friend in the game named "KingUrso". He has playing today (2018-01-22) at the streetfigter event, and he was using "Baldader's Demon Staff" accessory. It was ok, but suddenly he was disconnect and now, when he try to login in the game have message saying "Conection has not been aproved". I don't know what's the problem, please, can someone help-me ?
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Re: I have a problem

Postby Masel » 25 Jan 2018, 09:03

You'll want to use the community site instead of this forum, no one comes here.

From the sound of what's going on, said user was mistakenly banned because the GMs mistook him for a hacker. You'll want to take this one up with customer support.
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