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lag=hacks ?

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lag=hacks ?

Postby Shockahx16 » 09 Dec 2017, 19:52

I HAVE A IDEA OF PROBLEM OF LAG ATT Shockahx16 i find a hacker this day in noboru channel 1 for more info see my video in YT.

(no joke) link : ...

(Hacker name): y0h.
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Re: lag=hacks ?

Postby Masel » 09 Dec 2017, 21:08

People barely check here, so don't expect responses often.

As for what you posted, it's not actually quite what you stated it to be. The person is hacking, yes, but the lag isn't what he's doing. The move he was using belongs to an NPC character, and is not normally accessible by players. As for why it was causing him to fall off, there's any number of possible reasons, from it just not working with players properly, to it not being able to handle that small space. (the character that normally uses that move can not ever be found on that stage.) The most likely reason however is that the game states for each player (that is to say, what your copy of the game thinks is happening) are getting de-synchronized due to a player performing actions he's not supposed to, or it could just be the server acting up.

As far as reporting goes, do so via the support-desk:
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