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Completed 666 crescent offer, but where are my crescents?

Need help?

Completed 666 crescent offer, but where are my crescents?

Postby BlueArt » 30 Oct 2017, 21:50

Yo! I need a bit of help since my ticket hasn't been responded too yet..

Just recently, I've been doing small offers (20, 40 cs) so I can get bits of crescents. But today I decided to sit down for about 1-2 hrs so I could do the surveys from It says to do about 1-4 surveys to receive crescents. I've done 3 so far, but it still act's as if I haven't finished. Maybe I need to do 4 surveys, but from the other people I've talked too who've done it, it only took them 2, or 3 tops before it completed. Last time I checked 1-4 does basically mean: Hey, do up to 4 surveys to receive Cs! Operative words being "up to"

Anyways, just reply as soon as possible. My friend had the same problem before she got her cs, so I'm sure this can be easily resolved. (I did hit ctrl print scrn at the end of the 3 surveys, so I have proof. I only got the notification for 1 so hopefully it did actually take pics.)
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Re: Completed 666 crescent offer, but where are my crescents

Postby Masel » 31 Oct 2017, 06:37

Hello. Don't expect much of a response as ppl rarely check here.

I think though this might be relevant: ... ic_id=5399
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