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i got ban? :(

Need help?

i got ban? :(

Postby AurelioWar » 07 Oct 2017, 23:02

Hello I come to report this error or glitch nose, because I was on vacation and I came to my house to play for a while getamped2 US But I leave as an error, but when I get my brother's account, the session usually starts Can anyone help me? I do not know if it's a ban or someone hack me the account :( I've spent 200 $ in cresents, if I do not have my account returned then spend $ 200 for Nothing!
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Re: i got ban? :(

Postby Masel » 08 Oct 2017, 06:27

Nothing the playerbase can do. Inquire of help from the customer support. ask them why this happened via the "contact us" section on the main website.
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