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hacker hacking my account.

Need help?

hacker hacking my account.

Postby getamped2player » 27 May 2017, 14:51

~REDAN~ the hacker who changed the passive skill "auto guard" to 100% blocking ratio.
he can block while running ,attacking ,even typing !!

and when I was telling everyone around him. guess what? he just hacked me and made me type the word he want me to say with purple color.

~REDAN~ is just one of this hacker's account, plz check it out and deal with it.
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Re: hacker hacking my account.

Postby Masel » 27 May 2017, 18:56

I thought it was obvious, but as I said in the Spin BB, the picture is kinda vague-ish and could be misinterpreted, which could actually lead CS to somehow think that you are the hacker in question. (Not gonna say they will, but literally who knows at this point.)
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