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Confused by how this area seems to be now and I need help.

Need help?

Confused by how this area seems to be now and I need help.

Postby XxAyumixX » 23 Aug 2016, 19:14

Where the hell do I start...

I just trying to get back to this game after like 3 or 4 years and I knew I didn't remember either my accounts or the accounts passwords other than my main names.
I know the game is on maintenance right now, but I still was trying to get on the site and forums to see if I could get on here.

Didn't work. Tried getting my passwords resetted as I thought I would remember the emails i used.
Said email was sent (I'm pretty sure I used AOL) and I got no email. Not in the main area or spam.

Skip forward about an hour or 2... and somehow I got on this account on here.
How? I have no freaking clue.
It shows up that I'm new, but... I do know the account been on here as I got at least a link to my account before I tried. Right here: ... c97bf49f45

Either way, I got on here and went in the UCP to try and just change my passwords (as it finally accepted my passwords to get on here after how many times I've tried).
It told me to put my current password to change either my password or email.
So... I put in a few passwords in and...

It just won't take any password at all I've tried.

How do I get around this and try and change my password and/or email?
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