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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2017, 11:48
by VenomTail
IGN : クYuukeGaia
Theme : Heroes and Villains
Category : Villain
Name of Skin : Assassin Samurai Spirit
Skin Description :
There was a killer samurai who tried to attack a village to kill everyone who inhabited it, he ended up losing the fight and tried to flee to a forest, the village soldiers chased him and killed him, where he was killed the soldiers planted a tree. Legend has it that when the moon illuminates the tree, the spirit of the killer samurai will seek his body to take revenge on the village.

samurai.jpeg (246.78 KiB) Viewed 18037 times

Spirit of Skull for Skin Contest.skin2
Spirit of Skull for Skin Contest.skin2 (25.8 KiB) Downloaded 18384 times
Spirit of Skull for Skin Contest.skin2
(25.8 KiB) Downloaded 18384 times

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2017, 16:17
by PowerXD
IGN: PowerXD

Skin Name: Power
Category: Heroe

Hello everyone, I hope they are very well, i am very well, and here i leave My skin:
From an unknown time, not even he knows his purpose, but he must be very kind, he likes to make people happy and will do everything in his power, to achieve it.

hola a tod@s, espero que esten muy bien, yo me encuentro estupendamente bien, y aquí les dejo mi skin :
Proveniente de un tiempo desconocido, ni siquiera el sabe su propósito, pero ha de ser muy bondadoso, le agrada hacer feliz a la gente y hará todo lo que tenga en su poder, para lograrlo.

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2017, 16:56
by oEugeo
Ign: TikoDango

Theme: Heroes or Villan
Heroes name: SurrealMindy

SurrealMindy: Capes are overrated!

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2017, 17:32
by dedinho
IGN : clipes_BR
Category : Villain
Villain name : Éveillé
Description : Well , we have a ''sleepwalker'' hero , so now we have a Super Villain who keeps you awake ( he dont look like a Super Villain i know , but belive me , he is very evil

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2017, 22:54
by CaptLevi
skin contest.skin2
skin contest.skin2 (20.73 KiB) Downloaded 16964 times
skin contest.skin2
(20.73 KiB) Downloaded 16964 times

Description: If anyone can be a hero,anyone can be a villain too >:) ...this little office guy is too tired of his job so when he found an artifact (Sword) he wants to change the world wether they like it or not
170422_193121.png (82.05 KiB) Viewed 16622 times

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2017, 07:31
by janemira
IGN: Mirava
Theme: Heroes or Villains
Category: Hero
Skin Name: Rava
Skin Description: A sophisticated, detective young man who always searches clues and resolves any mysteries in this world. He has an outstanding combat skills combined with clever strategy that can knock anyone out anywhere and anytime. You better not provoke or hinder him from solving the unsolved mysteries in this world!

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2017, 09:57
by Clik
IGN: Fei
Category: Villian (Anti-Villian)

Name: Espurr
Race: Nyankou Race
Planet: LitterboxCX8

Back story:
Espurr was born and raised on planet LitterboxCX8, a distant planet in the Catnip Galaxy. Espurr had a normal child hood until the government of her home country of Nyan Kindom had a new king, The king only wanted fame and fortune, he odered many lower class citizens of the kingdom to work like slaves. This included even children, Espurr who had a rightseous heart, couldn't stand seeing her fellow people in misery. The moment she left home, she formed the 'Neko Neko Pirates' who fight the kingdom in various battles, saving countless Nyankou men, women and children from their horrid lives. As the captain of the space pirates 'Neko Neko Pirates', Espurr soon became wanted from the kingdom as a villian.

Powers: Due to the Nyankou Race, Espurr has extreme reflexes, ultra high reaction speeds and a master at all kitty martial arts, she aslo has a very high IQ and is constantly thinking of strategies against the kingdom.

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2017, 18:17
by NKWolf
IGN: Wolf*

Theme: Villain

Skin description: Just wanna join the contest, This Skin is Original Created by NK

Screen Shots
Wolf(0).png (176.63 KiB) Viewed 16585 times

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2017, 20:15
by Zimi-chan

IGN: SamuneZim!
Category: Hero
Title of my skin: Ice is cold, Blue is soft.
Skin Name: Aisu Kazuya
Description: The king of snow,
the colour is soft.
Stronger in cold,
He can beat all.

Sorry for the too much blue colour. It's my favourite colour. One day, I was dreaming of snow, ice skating, and something cold but I didn't found any of them in my country. It's too sad. So, I've made this skin. The strong I meant is not giving up even there's no snow. The cold I meant is reach what I wanted of all this while. I think I've learned how to success. This character is my Hero!! :'D. This character remembers me that I can play snow ball and ice skating by play it in GetAmped 2. XD

Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2017, 00:19
by gregoryx
IGN: gregoryx
Category: Hero
Theme: Heroes or Villains

Skin Description: She was built solely for experiments but it turns out that she was capable of doing much more. The professors that built her modified her with her weapon the Sun System and her only purpose is to protect Wingdom from evildoers or villains. Before she was built to be an android, she was just a struggling high schooler that was looking for a part-time job. She found a sketchy poster that said that they were looking for volunteers for experiments that would pay well and when she came, she was told to just sleep with the pill they gave her and when she woke up she was an android.