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[Official] 2017 Skin Contest

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[Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby Shortcake » 17 Apr 2017, 20:44

Greetings, Skinners!

2017Skin_WorpressBanner.jpg (78.38 KiB) Viewed 35548 times

GetAmped2 Skinners, come one and all, experienced or not!
It's time to show off your skill and creativity in the 2017 Skin Contest!!

Please read all of the details below!


Heroes and Villains


Entry Period:
April 20th ~ May 31st 019:00 PM (PDT)


-Your In-Game Name must be posted at the top of your submission.
-You must include a screenshot of the skin in your submission.
-You must have an original skin file (designated with ".skin2" in the file name).
**Only skins in which the creators' name is same as submitters' IGN will be accepted. No other name will be accepted, even if the submitter has changed their IGN at any point.
There will be no exceptions.
-Your submission must be visible on this thread (no outside links, please).
Please also include with your entry:
-A name or title for your Skin
-A category, Hero OR Villain (Players may not include entries for both. Only the first submission will be considered.)
-A description for your Skin


-You can submit either a Skin EX file or a Skin SP file; submissions without one will be disqualified.
-Please make certain your submission fits the theme, or it will be disqualified.
-Please include at least one screenshot of your skin!
-Skins that have been submitted for any past skin contests on any servers (US or otherwise) will be disqualified.
-Please make your own skins! If your name is not listed as the creator of the skin, your entry will be disqualified WITHOUT EXCEPTION!
-Any skins which include images taken from other media sources (TV/DVD/copyrighted images/websites/photos taken without permission, etc) will be immediately disqualified.
-Please do not modify your submissions after they have been posted. We may not notice your changes.
-Any skins that the management team finds to be offensive will be disqualified.
-Please write your in-game name exactly as it appears, using any special characters and capitalization as necessary.
-Any posts claiming 'post reservation' will be deleted in order to ensure smooth viewing and judging. Please make posts only if they are qualified submissions.
Players must choose a Hero or Villain for their entry, and not one of each.
In the instance a player chooses to submit more than one entry, entries in excess of the first submission will be an example of wasted effort and will NOT be considered for judging.


Submissions will be judged on three criteria:

ORIGINALITY: Is the skin creative? Unique?

QUALITY: How well rendered is the pixel/polygon editing?

MATCHES THEME: Does the skin evoke a sense of the theme? Can the judges look and see a "hero" or a "villain"?



1st Place:
2000 Crescent
Hall of Fame Skin Creator (365 days)
Skin Upload Ticket x10
Amped Mannequin No. 16 x1
Sitting Kurumi-chan x1
Cherry Blossom Ornament x1

2nd Place:
1000 Crescent
Professional Skin Creator (365 days)
Skin Upload Ticket x8
Amped Mannequin No. 16 x1
Sitting U-chan x1
Cherry Blossom Ornament x1

3rd Place:
500 Crescent
Professional Skin Creator (365 days)
Skin Upload Ticket x5
Amped Mannequin No.16 x1
Sitting U-chan x1
Cherry Blossom Ornament x1

GMs' Choice:
10,000 Win
Skin Upload Ticket x2
Amped Mannequin No. 16 x1
Sitting U-chan x1
Cherry Blossom Ornament x1

1,000 Win
Skin Upload Ticket x1
Cherry Blossom Ornament x1

Look at the cool stuff!
DecoPrizes2017.png (32.36 KiB) Viewed 35546 times


-Please insert your images inline, as shown below. We will not accept images from external links.

UPLOAD YOUR FILES! External images will NOT be accepted.
Image_explanation_for_dummies.jpg (40.57 KiB) Viewed 35548 times

Show us your skin in a SCREENSHOT!
EXAMPLE_SKIN_SS.jpg (61.54 KiB) Viewed 35548 times

Be certain to add the skin file to the post as well! Screenshots only are not acceptable.


We look forward to your active participation in the Skin Contest!
Be creative!
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby MikeTitanium » 20 Apr 2017, 19:31


Theme:Hero or Villain

Hello my friends I've been bringing a new skin that I just made today his name is called Mitan Hero of World I hope you like it

Mitan Hero of World.png
Mitan Hero of World.png (81.87 KiB) Viewed 35393 times

Screenshot of My Skin.
Mitan Hero of World.skin2
Mitan Hero of World.skin2 (53.41 KiB) Downloaded 35943 times
Mitan Hero of World.skin2
(53.41 KiB) Downloaded 35943 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby svggha » 20 Apr 2017, 21:56

IGN: ewan

Theme: villain

Skin description: Son of the great leader of the underworld and its prince.. Pride of theyre citizen and expectedly the next leader of the underworld, hes name is, ewan!!!!( btw ewan means "i dont know") muahahahaha.. I shall rule the world!!!
Ewan is a great demon who uses diff type of powers tht includes darkness and element.. Be fear by the loli shota demon of the underworld and hes pet whitey, a little cute snake monster.. Rarw!!! XD arigato?..

I edit this again.. XD
CONTEST.skin2 (46.67 KiB) Downloaded 36900 times
(46.67 KiB) Downloaded 36900 times
collage-2017-04-21.jpg (166 KiB) Viewed 36006 times
skin pic.
contest4.png (72.46 KiB) Viewed 36108 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby EX_ZeroGamer » 21 Apr 2017, 04:45

Hello guys its me X~Legend~X and this my first time skinning
lets get to the point
DO u want to be the best hacker in there world then meet Marcus Holloway from Watch_Dogs 2 :D i hope u like my work
last 1.skin2
here it is
last 1.skin2 (18.72 KiB) Downloaded 35862 times
last 1.skin2
here it is
(18.72 KiB) Downloaded 35862 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby --Miku-- » 21 Apr 2017, 05:59

IGN: --Miku--
Theme: Heroes and Villains
Category: Villain
Skin Desc: Queen of destruction, I make chaos wherever I go, now little human .. would you like to be my servant? no? Then disappear from my face now!
I am Yuka, and I will end this world.

Yuka Skin ( Evil + Leviathan).png
Yuka Skin ( Evil + Leviathan).png (212.37 KiB) Viewed 36645 times

Yuka ( Evil ).skin2
Yuka ( Evil ).skin2 (37.22 KiB) Downloaded 37217 times
Yuka ( Evil ).skin2
(37.22 KiB) Downloaded 37217 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby shadownew » 21 Apr 2017, 07:08

IGN: shadownew

Theme: Heroes and Villains

Category: Villain

Skin Description: Known to be the one that will be the end-bringer, on many prophecys, he's called ''Cloud Devourer'' for his real name is unknown.
The jewel on his head is the source of his power, eating fear and destruction, everytime an enemy stares at his eyes and show fear, the jewel grows stronger and so does him.
His destructive power is god-like and he is one of the oldest villains to exist, living many eras he was one that ended many heroes.
Cloud Devourer.png
Cloud Devourer.png (248.93 KiB) Viewed 35310 times
Devourer.skin2 (58.39 KiB) Downloaded 35804 times
(58.39 KiB) Downloaded 35804 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby Mizoryuki » 21 Apr 2017, 07:49

IGN : Mizoryuki
Theme : Heroes and Villains
My Skin Type : Villain
Skin Name : Rhinorous
Level : 999

The Evolved Monster Come From Indonesia Who Called Rhinoceros sondaicus, combine with Bali's Reog... he is so brutal so dont disturb him... Maybe if he is not the winner, he will come to crush you :o, xD... This Skin Suitable with Beast King Style, and also all wild acc especially for acc that i have put it on image... why it looks scary ? cause i will make it as villain XD,, Why it look weird ? umm.. my bad sorry,, can he turn into giant ? he already big actually, but yeah he can turn into giant, only ultraman who can stand of it .... Enjoy
Rhinorous.skin2 (81.67 KiB) Downloaded 34944 times
(81.67 KiB) Downloaded 34944 times
Rhinorous.jpg (200.72 KiB) Viewed 34249 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby Moonless » 21 Apr 2017, 08:39

IGN: Moonless
Category: Hero?
Hero Story: Evil deeds take you to hell. Good deeds take you to heaven. But what happens when you have the exact value of good and evil deeds when you die? It is statistically impossible but Maxwell did it. He is given a second chance at life with a catch. Hell sends him a demon to ensure he does bad things, while Heaven sends him an angel to ensure he tips over the good side. With his new supernatural powers, will he earn a ticket to heaven or fall down to hell?
"The greatest villain and hero lies within ourselves... search for it"
Purgatory by Moonless. The chest symbol is a combination of angel halo and devil horns - a man of both worlds.
Purgatory.png (68.4 KiB) Viewed 34302 times

P.S. If it's not painfully obvious enough, the wings is not an acccessory it is part of the skin. Inspired by Devil May Cry and Guilty Gear Dizzy. :P
Purgatory Skin
Purgatory_Moonless.skin2 (109.31 KiB) Downloaded 35027 times
Purgatory Skin
(109.31 KiB) Downloaded 35027 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby CoolKid15 » 21 Apr 2017, 09:24

IGN: Kiddy

Theme: Heroes and Villains

Category: Villain

Skin description: The year is 2024. Heavy Metal is dying, but Joshua, the guitarist of the once famous band "Hell's Fireworks", wanted to keep it alive. But one day, the band went on a tour, where they got rejected by all the spectators that kept throwing rotten fruit and water bottles to them. Joshua ignored that, and kept playing on his guitar. By the end of the concert, the rest of the band thought it was his fault that the concert was a fiasco, because he didn't stop when told to. Joshua couldn't accept that, and tried to force the band to forget that, but they all gave up on it. He got mad, and was never seen after that. 2 months later, Joshua was still angry about it, and wanted to do anything to bring Heavy Metal back. He played on his guitar, to let go of some stress. When he played a note, his sofa was caught on fire. He then played some more, and set his whole house on fire. He realized that his guitar could control fire. He took advantage of that, and went on an evil spree. His new objective was to destroy every single other music genre, to make Heavy Metal the only one alive.
Joshua.skin2 (13.06 KiB) Downloaded 34862 times
(13.06 KiB) Downloaded 34862 times
Joshua.png (253.62 KiB) Viewed 34312 times
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Re: [Official] 2017 Skin Contest

Postby BluStar » 21 Apr 2017, 09:50

IGN: Laevateinn

Theme: Heroes and Villains

Category: Villain

Skin Descripition: A powerful war machine from another era, with no name or emotions, just known as "Iron Skull". Its only goal is to bring chaos and destruction to any other form of life.
Iron Skull.jpg
Iron Skull.jpg (91.5 KiB) Viewed 33375 times
Iron Skull.skin2
Iron Skull.skin2 (75.41 KiB) Downloaded 33968 times
Iron Skull.skin2
(75.41 KiB) Downloaded 33968 times
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