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MangoTango's Comprehensive Inherit Guide!

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MangoTango's Comprehensive Inherit Guide!

Postby Chozo » 15 Apr 2014, 23:19


What is Inheriting?
• An inherit is a skill that one accessory may pass on to another.
• Every accessory has one, and only one, PRE-SET skill they may inherit onto another accessory.
• The inherited skill may be a change in stats, additional attacks, or attacks that will over-write the accessory’s moveset in combat.
• You keep all accessories in the process, there is nothing to lose! (Except the materials, but hey that's what they're for!)

Why Inherit?
• Inheriting is a powerful tool that allows a player to alter one accessory, using another. This may be done to add to an empty moveset, alter a poor moveset, or to specifically bolster stats that an accessory needs.
• With the correct inherits, new combos may be done, that could never be done before. It also adds an element of surprise, using unique attacks that are not commonly seen on an accessory.
• Simply put: Inherits can unleash the true potential of an accessory!
Example video:

How do I unlock Inheriting?
• First you must unlock Mix Machine No. 54. In order to do so, you must upgrade accessories at least 10 times, and be Champion rank or higher. Dr. Diaper will then give you a quest to obtain items via GAT or Mega Force. You may do this, or you may not. Even if the quest expires, Dr. Diaper will upgrade the machine for you anyways, so don't worry too much!
• Once you have Mix Machine No. 54, you may start to inherit accessories, by placing the accessory you wish to inherit here:

How to Inherit?
• In order to inherit a skill properly. You must know THREE things about the accessory you wish to inherit:
1. The skill itself. Each accessory provides a specific skill. For the most part, it will be an attack from the accessory. Figure out which attack it is and how it will work on the receiving accessory. (NOTE: Some transforming accessories like Black Rain, will overwrite the inherit once transformed.)
2. Type. Each inherit is one of three types: Power, Trick, or Life. You must fill the correct bar, during upgrade, to obtain the inherit.
3. Difficulty. Each inherit has a different difficulty, ranging from 10 to 150. The difficulty is actually the percent you have to fill, of the bar of the right type. So yes, 150 means you have to fill the bar 150%.
• Once you figure out these three, you simply fill the appropriate bar past the difficulty!

How do I figure all this out?
• Difficulty will always be displayed when you place the desired inherit on the upgrade slot.
• The actual attack and the type must be found out on your own…
(... or you can use this helpful guide
(or you can visit this jp wiki page The automated translation is a bit weird, but once you get the hang of it, it's a very useful tool)

The Example Run
The following is an example run of how to inherit a skill properly.

• I wish to inherit Image onto Image

• Looking at the JP wiki: Image

• I know that Image requires AT LEAST 60% of the POWER bar filled, and it will GIVE Image the C finisher attack, if successful.

• Now let’s fill the bars to my liking:
• That looks good.
• Here are the results. Easy!

Extra Notes.
• Inherits are never 100%, there is ALWAYS a chance to fail the inherit.
• Skill Cards will ALWAYS take priority over inherits, so don't use the same type for both!
• For better results try to fill the bar PAST the required difficulty.
• For better results try keeping the inherits bar the HIGHEST of the 3 types.

Image vs. Image

The one on the LEFT will have a higher likely hood of getting the inherit, because POWER , the inherit type, is the highest stat, even though both meet the 60 Difficulty requirement.
• BE CREATIVE and KEEP INHERITING. With enough practice, you will learn what inherits work for what need you have!

Thanks for looking, and have fun!
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Re: MangoTango's Comprehensive Inherit Guide!

Postby Tweezy » 15 Apr 2014, 23:31

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Re: MangoTango's Comprehensive Inherit Guide!

Postby THK » 15 Apr 2014, 23:44 This wiki also helps if you don't wanna try and figure out the funky JP translations.
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Re: MangoTango's Comprehensive Inherit Guide!

Postby Snakai » 17 Apr 2014, 18:17

Not a bad guide, but some parts could be simplified even further.
Like the 0% - 100% "Predict the value of Synthesis Force" sounds simple but given that the Difficulty curve reaches towards 150% sounds pretty awkward to understand.

For your side notes. If you want to have a successful installment for your inheritance upgrade, you need to add a high level Powder to increase your luck.
Also, the "For better results try to fill the bar PAST the required difficulty." isn't always the case. It's best to have your bar meets a little more then minimum requirement and the tinted/brighter color of the bar expanded further.

Speaking of the tinted color within upgrading, the bar isn't always exactly at 50% or 100%. (unless the player used Ingots or Sacred Material items) There is a solid color and a tinted color in the bar. The solid color is the minimum percentage a player is likely to get and the tinted color is a percentage range of what a player is likely to get.
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