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Moonless Guide to Skin Designing

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Moonless Guide to Skin Designing

Postby Moonless » 14 Jun 2014, 23:42

Hi, my name is Moonless. I'm an oldie Player and started skinning since 2010. wtf... 4 Years? Where has my life gone -.-

"Skin Designing and Skin Making is very different; ANYONE can make a skin, but designing a great skin takes dedication and patience." ~Some Wise Guy

"But if you guys are in it for the fun, that works too. The game and skins won't last forever, so might as well have fun with it while it lasts." :D ~ Moonless

If You guys are Interested in Making Skins, the Basics is always Important.
This Link will give you input on all you need to know to start making your first skin:

Too Basic For you? My Youtube Channel provides a more in-depth tutorial in skin tricks, polygon manipulation
and external software tips. [Updated Weekly]
Check out the channel Moon2Go:

Also, Learn From the Experts. Get to know skin veterans in the game. Ask around, learn their styles and study their mistakes.
Also, comment this thread if you want to discuss about skins, I'm happy to entertain skin discussions.

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