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Kingslyr's Guide to Getamped2 Lingo

Information that might help your gameplay

Kingslyr's Guide to Getamped2 Lingo

Postby Kingslyr » 18 May 2014, 20:16

After seeing Mango and Clazz's helpful guides for new players, I thought I might chip in too as I am relatively bored as of writing this.

IFrames/Frames: When an accessory (doesn't have to be an acc) has certain moments in attacks however briefly that make the user completely immune to damage. Examples of this would be Stardust Wand's Voltage Special, Phantom Knot Voltage or Soldier Default Specials. The entirety of said attack doesn't need to be immune and some can pass with very very brief frames like Fighter Default Special or Hallowed Blade Specials.

SuperArmour: When an accessory (No default styles to date have SA I don't believe) has a time period or activated mode that makes them immune to knockdowns, groggy attacks or knockback. Things like Valour Armour hold attacks, Black Rain monster and Prussian kaiser/Grappling fist charge attacks fall under this category. Most transformation accessories have this with few exceptions (not transformations like Luminous Crusade). Such exceptions are things like Titan device, Ninja Umbrella and Soldier Gadget - do NOT have superarmour. Superarmour is often easy to notice as they'll take a lot of damage from things like Woden Save/Sac Reaper/Prussian/Most Blades, Multihit moves that shouldn't multihit (Combat Ops turret, Artemis Bow spc spam etc) and hazards (Submarine water, Avyon court fire trap etc).

JP Style/Tactic: Possibly a long outdated term as it's been incredibly accepted as normal and/or basics now. But entails a trick where you jab at guards until you provoke a guard or counter attack upon which you jump behind said target and continue your assault from behind said guard or counter attack. Some argue this includes accessories that go behind guards on their own (Grappler Arms spec, Electro Device or fire vega claw thing) or just all together jumping behind the target.

Juggling: Despite its simple sounding name it is relatively specific. Juggling is not the act of continually putting someone or thing in the air (some once again argue otherwise) but rather its a lower catch and denial of recovery/ending combos. Great examples of juggling yet incredibly despised is Unicorn Boomerang 'combo', most of what enchanters do and Assassin's kunai stuff. Juggling does include things like wrestler run x, bunny doll shoves and anything low kept as they can't recover.

Pursuits: Simple enough- The act of following up on a combo hard to continue usually ending it. Pursuits however are NOT limited to ground pickups/axes/hits but have said pursuits in air too- such as Alchemy Fire Bracelet and Ice Bracelet (couldn't think of many...). Pursuits do not include most of what you combo from a launcher however as pretty much anything can- they are limited to very few selections or hard to extend. Most people like to play with this but remain limited to ground pursuits as they are easy.

Zoning and Pressure: These two terms are NOT to be confused with Running and Rushdown. Zoning is actually a relatively thought out and strategic way of playing. It is to keep a safe distance between you and your target but still be in the heated battle. I would not include long range players and/or camping as it isn't as heated or even strategic. Things that often show a good Zoner is how they never actually leave the designated area, they don't flail around and manage to keep you at bay while dealing damage. Things that make nice zoners are not limited to ranged weaponry- If you have a good gap closer that can get in and out of danger without running away entirely count (Duo resonance, Mantis Arms, Sumo). Which brings me to the second term Pressure. The act of pressure isn't simply being violent and winning one sidedly but rather having an effect on the opponent. People good at applying pressure can read how an opponent plays an exploits their weaknesses by laying barrage onto their openings/mistakes. This can cause the opponent to rethink their actions or take a more defensive approach. Its a continuous and relentless mindgame that makes the opponent stray from their comfort zone of playing. Zoning often leads to good pressure depending on the opponent can trigger them to go on defense or find a new method of offense. Do not mistake pressure with a simple change in plans- a person good at pressure will often change his or her approach often too not to cope with the opponent but to throw them off guard and once again exploit their weaknesses.

Running, Ganging, Spamming, "Jumping": These are derogatory terms used to insult players on their playstyle. Running as it's name implies is when someone shamelessly runs away from conflict being a total prick to the person playing against them often camping, stalling or just being annoying. Running varies from Zoning as zoning is kept within a confined space whereas running is general refusal to fight or fight fair. Ganging as its name implies is when people team up to hunt down or hurt another player alone like a 'gang'. Often only called out in rooms where 1v1 even in team games is the acceptable way of playing. This one is often up to opinion as some don't care, think of it as working as a team or are just straight up dumb. Spamming as name implies is to repeat a certain action or set of actions over and over again. Spamming is often miscalled and is said to people who actually used a vast arsenal of moves and the caller is just narrow sighted or butthurt. Spamming is a thing though however when people mash buttons with auto, looping c jabs on people who can't guard or counter properly or camping/abusing hard to punish moves (chaos heretic, shek, enchanter). And last and certainly most least "Jumping". The concept of Jumping even to me is absolutely astonishingly stupid. It's a relatively new term to the current age and it depicts someone who jumps too much. How and why jumping is a crime in a 3D game with jump attacks, flying accessories and aerial combos is beyond me. People who call jumpers (personal opinion time, feel free to skip) are relatively inexperienced or are butthurt players who can't deal with the fact someone dodged their attacks or attacked them from somewhere other than the ground where they could easily predict block/attack or run around. Jumper shouldn't be a term but unfortunately it seems to be.

Charges, Guardbreakers and Unblockables: Charges differ from the other two in the subtitle ever slightly. Charges refer to the holding of an attack mid combo which changes the way an attack is performed. Charges do NOT however include Hold attacks. Charge attacks are often easy to find being normally the last attack in a combo. To charge attack you have to hold an attack during the moment in the combo that the move is performed. Charge attacks often but not always offer certain advantages for its longer than normal cast/animation time. These advantages quite often offer guardbreaks/unblockables but have been known to do other things or nothing at all (Looking at you succubus). Guardbreaks and Unblockables don't really need an explanation but are one in the same thing- some people just use different terminology. But it implies an attack that can't be stopped by holding up guard. These attacks are best avoided or stopped by moving out of the way, hitting them before they hit you or by using another way of escaping (iframes, shields or ungrabbables).

Skin, Skinning, KDJ: Skin is what diversifies (or exactly opposite of) getamped2. Skin is a customizable out layer colouring of your character. This can lead to wonderful creations of new and original characters to fight among other imaginary or roleplay etc etc characters. Or it can lead to another wave of SAO, Naruto, Bleach, OnePiece, AoT, DBZ or MLP skins that inhabit the inventories of easily 80% of the fanbase, your choice. Skinning is the act of creating skin. Just because you made one however doesn't make you good at skinning or a skinner. KDJ is getamped's take on the music front of customization. With a weird little piece of furniture in your room you can make, edit and save your own musical tunes that can be applied to any location in ga2. You can also have others send theirs over like skinning (however there is no open market for this) and have their songs also play in desired locations.

-gonna wrap it here for now, got lazy and bored. May continue on another day when I feel up to it-
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