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Lucky Draw Cycle Voting system

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Lucky Draw Cycle Voting system

Postby Doel » 06 May 2017, 03:51

So I thought it would be a good idea if we the players get a say in what accessories come back each lucky draw?

I've noticed the older accessories rom like 2010 - 2012 rarely show up in the lucky draws. and there are some people like me who
would like a chance to obtain them.

for one or more the lucky draw machines.
why don't we have a poll of what accessories should be brought back. and the top 4 votes will go into the lucky draw
a simple poll system could be made and players just have to vote each week before the maintenance occurs.

this will help cyberstep make more profit. if the stuff we want is inside the Draws were more likely to spend more to try to get that stuff
every 2 weeks players get a chance to vote on the accessories they want to be inside the draw. I would not mind if the draw coasted more crescent too

if a Gm can reach out to me we can discuss. I'm sure there can be polls made on the forums. and then just reset the post once its done.
only registered players should be able to vote

if there are any ties, go by the one that was voted on first. or by alphabetical order

p.s please excuse any grammatical errors I made
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