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[Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby KoishiRock » 11 Sep 2016, 19:14

IGN: KoishiRock

I felt no need to "animate" some simple punches, not sure how imaginative you could be with simple combo punches.

*NOTE* Should probably change "Unblockable" to "Teleport Around" for the sake of theme.

If no Dash Attacks are performed after executing this, the user can continue running.




This hold can be used as a nice way to block some projectiles and keep away on some heavier opponents you don't want to be too close to.

NOTE: I mean the bottom comment in a way as more of a "Whatever is doable". I personally want the "Retrace" effect.

I'd like for this to be the inherit due to the lack of Perfect Guard inherits, and as the description notes, "MP Tanden Energy".

Admittedly nothing really changes between the Weak Last Attack and Special Counters except how they're executed.


NOTE: The idea of the eye beams is to bring the concept of "Looping Time". I felt it would be boring to just have the person dazed and confused after the attack. If need be, it can just be a simple ranged attack boasting high damage (And if you know where this accessory has been going, probably not a bad thing entirely). Also, that kick for the counter move can be be a punch too...


Saving the best for last. Now its just blatant what inspired this accessory. I also want to add that this move will leave the player vulnerable if it misses, never going past the "Gori Mackenzi Foot Dive" or whatever animation is chosen for it.

King Cobra Recolor

Azoth Recolor (What I would probably want for the creator color)

The theme of the recolors are meant to be based on Serpents, referring to the head decoration that really only has one move dedicating to it specifically.

Nothing has to be exactly like it is, but I want to keep the core concept of this accessory, which is raw power combined with a set of moves that give the wearer the ability to avoid damage and bring confusion and pain to the opponent, much like DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Also, what avid fan of JoJo WOULDN'T want to scream "ROADO ROLLA DA" every time they land that Air Super? The fact that we are chucking Omusa Dragon of all things on top of people gives an added Power Rangers Time Force bonus gag, while still being very well in the realm of GetAmped 2's universe. Despite this, Stopping time isn't the only power, I figured that on its own wouldn't be too great anyway. A true god of time can mess with it in any way he likes, so I figured this accessory should stretch the term "Time Manipulation" to its greatest extreme while still "probably" being balanced.

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Protoman » 11 Sep 2016, 19:52

IGN : Protoman

Accessory Name: Proto Kawako

Accessory Description: A card tethered to the users soul. You are the card. The card is you.

I was mainly looking to design something that was simple stylish but still fun to use. The moveset that was drawn out is rather simplistic. Mainly wanted to use that as a reference point on where i was going with the accessory. I would classify the accessory as more of a "shoot" based accessory overall so thats the general idea of the moveset. I do want to note that during creation of the accessory if there's one thing we could keep, it would be both of the hold attacks and the "soul bind" effect, if you can that is.One more small note, Ideally the ending attacks and the weak hold would all give off the slowness but again thats on your design team.

Proto Kawako final 2.jpg
Proto Kawako final 2.jpg (229.1 KiB) Viewed 4808 times

Proto Kawako 10.jpg
Proto Kawako 10.jpg (241.78 KiB) Viewed 4808 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby HinataX » 11 Sep 2016, 20:19

Accessory contest Hi2016.png
Accessory contest Hi2016.png (81.01 KiB) Viewed 4800 times
Accessory contest 2016.png
Accessory contest 2016.png (53.7 KiB) Viewed 4800 times

In-Game name: HinataX3
Accessory Name: Yin Yang Twin Sword
Description:Two swords(Yin and yang) that together complete wholeness.Yin comes out to mean "negative" and Yang means "positive". Yin Yang Twin Sword was created by
the Wudang.
Styles: All
Element: Hit
Inherit: Standing Special Attack(Trick,90)
Combo sets are not provided but the logo/icon and aura must be shown and seen(refer to the images).
Right click to view the images in full size.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Moonless » 11 Sep 2016, 21:00

IGN: Moonless
Accessory Name: Clumsy Waiter
Description: "Just don't hire this guy in your restaurant..." - Moonless 2016

Attack List:
X combo: "Slipped again"
Last X: "Sorry about that!"
C combo: "Slippery Hands D:!"
Last C: Apology CRASH!
Standing Special: "It's an Accident!!"
Standing Super: "It's a Major Accident!!"
Dash Special/Super: "Time to do the dishes!"
Hold X: Sleeping on the Job
Hold C: "Just checking my shoelaces."

Clumsy Waiter Final2.jpg
Clumsy Waiter Final2.jpg (198.07 KiB) Viewed 4798 times

Standing Pose2.jpg
Standing Pose and Weapon Details
Standing Pose2.jpg (153.15 KiB) Viewed 4798 times

Normal Stance, holding a tray with glass and mug on top. On left hand, a convenient towel to wipe away "mistakes".

X and C combos
*X combo: Slip and wipe the enemy with towel. Wiping the enemy vigorously makes them dizzy for a short while.
*C combo: Throw away glass and mug by accident. Realises mistake, player crash against enemy and apologizes.

Standing Special
*50% CHANCE => Standing SpecialV1: LID ON. Player slips and Throws tray strongly into the air. Enemies in range will be thrown into the air. There is a mug in the tray and enemy will be burnt by coffee. (downed enemies become standing)
*50% CHANCE => Standing SpecialV2: LID ON. Player slips and Throws tray strongly into the air. Enemies in range will be thrown into the air. Tray is empty with no further effect to enemy.
*Standing Super gives more damage and sends enemies flying further.

Dash Special and Hold attacks
*Dash Special: Summon a huge pile of plates. Player can move for a few meters in any direction before the dishes fall.
*Dash Super has a bigger pile of plates and player can move further before falling over.
*Hold X: Sleep and regain mana very slowly
*Hold C: [Trap effect] Looks at shoe and creates a puddle of water. Enemies who step on puddle slips and fall over.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby GrimAngelLedah » 11 Sep 2016, 21:26

ledah oni ramen.png
ledah oni ramen.png (30.45 KiB) Viewed 4795 times
combo1.png (31.58 KiB) Viewed 4795 times
IGN: ledah (again, it's not Ledah/Iedah, it's ledah kthx)
Accessory: Oni Ramen
Element: Fire
Style: All style but knighgear
Description: Ultra hot ramen that can make even demon cry because of it's spicy flavor. If you eat it, you could gain the ability to breath fire or turn yourself to a blazing oni!
Combo 2.png
Combo 2.png (58.29 KiB) Viewed 4795 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby White2016 » 11 Sep 2016, 21:38

Accessory contest 2016 spoon.png
Accessory contest 2016 spoon.png (26.94 KiB) Viewed 4795 times

IGN : White白
Accessory: Sparkling Wooden Spoon
Type: All except enchanter and fairy
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby amyroseater » 11 Sep 2016, 22:08

IGN: Vengerful

Accessory: Luminous Shield

Amazing event!! yaaay!! :D

Artist: amyroseater
I love shields!! >u<
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Assaliah » 11 Sep 2016, 23:26

IGN: Sininho

Design BUS Descrição 2.png
Design BUS Descrição 2.png (100.66 KiB) Viewed 4783 times

1 Primeira.png
1 Primeira.png (173.7 KiB) Viewed 4783 times

2 Segunda.png
2 Segunda.png (162.7 KiB) Viewed 4783 times

IGN: Sininho

Name: Punishment School

Description: This accessory is the fury of a student who came late and ended up missing the bus to school.
Element: Hit

Weak Combo: Holding more, the lunch box opens hitting some fruit
Hits from the bottom up leading to air.
Holding can't recover

Strong Combo: its with spin. Holding hits more and after gets stun.

Weak Hold: Turn back, open the lunch box and throw fruit (like the Fancy bear)

Strong Hold: Enters in the wheel of the bus and hit with a strong Hit

Strong Dash: Runs with the board on the ground causing trembling, grab the neck, jumps and
throws to the ground and hit with the board, the sign increases

Jump Strong: Shoots random fruits from the lunch box. Hold more throw 3 fruit at the same time

Stand Special: Jump into the bus and hitting the enemy is thrown in, and after a while it explodes with all inside
note: The control looks like a Dragonic Naginata

Dash Special: Hits with lunchbox to stun, throws up and drops a sandwitch. If Amped increases the sandwitch.

Air Special: With Amped the enemy back and falls over the bus and explodes.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby garykilla » 11 Sep 2016, 23:40

IGN: garykilla
Accessory Name: Nature's Wrath
Description This sickle and circlet imbue the wearer with the wrath of a druid whose forest has been attacked.

Acc Image.png
Acc Image.png (137.11 KiB) Viewed 4779 times

Acc Moves1.png
Acc Moves1.png (38.18 KiB) Viewed 4779 times

Acc Moves2.png
Acc Moves2.png (39.89 KiB) Viewed 4779 times

Move Descriptions:
C Hold: Toss a small magical seed in front of you, which grows into a small happy flower that slowly recovers your mp passively. (Disappears after a few seconds)
C Combo: Make two slashes in the shape of an X with the sickle, and finish it off with a pull around the opponents neck towards you with the sickle.
Air C: Shoot a sun ray straight below you, knocking foes down.
X Hold: Conjure a sun above your head, that shoots a sun ray at all nearby foes. (Takes no MP)
X combo: The first hit is a downward slash, which is followed up by a chargeable upward slash that launches. You can conjure a moon to shoot a moonbeam at a launched foe, knocking them away.
Air X: Conjure a large pair of spiked vines to stab any foes in their path.
Aim X: The user brings their sickle up, and brings it down in a slashing motion, shooting a moon beam from the sky at anyone they are aimed on.
Standing special/voltage: Placing your hands on the ground, you conjure up a large patch of spiked vines to entangle and damage your enemies. Anyone caught in this attack is held in place for a few seconds, vulnerable to attack! (Voltage is larger/longer holding)
Air Special/voltage: The user channels the power of the moon and shoots a constant beam of moon energy, that slowly sweeps forward. The user can aim the beam left and right while the laser is moving forwards.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby -Waffles- » 12 Sep 2016, 01:40

Thank you for participating everyone!

Please look forward to a future announcement on our website regarding winners.
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