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[Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Daingmon » 23 Aug 2016, 10:06

IGN: Suppa
22.png (249.82 KiB) Viewed 3247 times
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IGN: Suppa
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Amaurosis » 25 Aug 2016, 13:21

In-game Name: Amaurosis

Accessory: Mimic's Shadow Mirror

Element: None

Description: The Mimic's Shadow Mirror, it is an ancient and magical artifact of a culture long gone. It is believed to have been forged by a God, a God who loved trickery. It is also said that the mirror has the power to change shape, into whatever the wielder desires. Beware of the mirror, the mirror acts as if it were alive.

Description of Accessory:A silver hand held mirror with black bones trailing the entire outside of the mirror, with a black handle. The back of the mirror is adorned with a black skull of a jester with crossed daggers. The tip of the mirror has a sharp point on the top for stabbing opponents.

Move Set

Weak combo#1:C,C,C,C-Stab with mirror, stab twice with mirror, skull jester throws 1st dagger at opponent, skull jester throws second dagger at opponent

Weak combo#2:C,C,C,Hold C-Stab with mirror, stab twice with mirror, skull jester throws 1st dagger,Hold C for charge skull jester spins second dagger at opponent then throws 2 more daggers at opponent

Strong Combo:X,X,Pursuit X-Double kick with feet,hit into air with mirror,Pursuit X:the bones outside of mirror form into arms, hits the opponent twice, grabs them and slams them into the ground

Target X Attack:Z,X,X:Skull jester throws one dagger then the wielder jumps up, the skull jester throws a second dagger

Target X Attack#2:Z,X,Hold X:Skull jester throws one dagger then the wielder jump up, skull jester throws second dagger then a dark colored flame

Strong Jump Attack#1:X,X,X-Two skeleton arms reach down grab the opponent, skeleton arms slingshot you into the opponent hitting them, skull jester finishes by throwing dagger at opponent

Strong Jump Attack#2:Hold X: Two skeleton arms reach down grab the opponent pulls the opponent to you in the air and then the skull jester throws two daggers at the opponent

Step Attack:A quick thrust with the point of the mirror

Weak Dash Combo#1:C,C,C-Dash at the opponent stabbing with the mirror, skull jester throws one dagger at opponent, skull jester throws second dagger

Weak Dash Combo#2:C,C,Hold C-Dash at opponent stabbing with mirror, skull jester throws one dagger at opponent, skull jester bites opponent then throws dagger with knockback

Strong Dash Combo#1:X,X,Pursuit X:Dash at opponent one skeleton arm grabs opponent and throws into the air, a second skeleton arm hits the opponent while in the air, black fire shoots from the jesters mouth at opponent

Strong Dash Combo#2:X,X Hold:Dash at opponent one skeleton arm grabs opponent and throws into the air, Hold X for charge second skeleton arm grabs opponent in the air and slams into the ground with a bounce up

Strong Dash Combo#3:Hold X-Dash at opponent and hold x to charge two skeleton arms swing around like a whip to hit the opponent

C Hold:Two skeleton arms swing out to grab the opponent, the skull jester then throws two daggers at the opponent

X Hold #1:Hold X for a bit and the jester will throw daggers forward as a ranged attacked

X Hold #2:Hold X for a longer period and the mirror will randomly summon a monster to aid the wielder(consumes small amount of mp)

Counter Attack:the skull jester counters by swinging the two daggers in a "X" shape

Special Attack:The mirror randomly copies an opponents or allies accessory and it's move sets for 45 seconds

Voltage Special Attack:The wielder holds up the mirror and a blast of dark energy comes from the mirror

Dash Special:Two skeleton arms shoot out from the mirror grab the opponent and slam him against the ground and the skull jester throws 2 daggers at the opponent

Voltage Dash Special:Two skeleton arms shoot out from the mirror grab the opponent and bring the character into the mirror absorbing his HP

Jump Special:Two skeleton arms reach out to grab the opponent bring the opponent to the wielder and the jester shoots a dark colored flame at the opponent

Voltage Jump Special:Two skeleton arms reach out to grab the opponent bring him to the wielder the skull jester bites the opponent several times then shoots a dark colored flame at the opponent
New picture only added IGN to the top
20160827_202551.png (114.83 KiB) Viewed 3206 times
Please, ignore how bad the drawing is.
20160825_155246.png (176.01 KiB) Viewed 3237 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Shields » 26 Aug 2016, 15:48

IGN: Shieldest
Accessory Name: N.u.P.o.l.led
Accessory Description: This sweet cattle robot was build as part of a petting zoo. Due to wingdom's high altitudes, she was made very durable to pet and ride. Filled with sweet and innocence, she lick's her enemies away with love, but if she cant, she does have a good back kick spring to send em flying.
Element: Water or None
Accessory can either be riden or accessory follows the owner in the lobby rooms.

Example attack patterns:
Weak: When accessory isnt active (Nupo isnt around/anywere to be seen), by holding C (weak attack), player's model claps twice and
Nupo arrives and picks up its owner to her back. If Nupo isnt used, players attacks are determined by their used style. (I havent thought of the styles that this can be used on but, will see.)
Nupo active weak attacks: C combo's start with Nupo licking the enemy side ways and finally from down to up, causing a small chance of stagger/infatuated effect. The last attack of the combo, can be charged, for longer infatuation effect.
C Hold, while accessory is active, causes Nupo to throw its owner away from her back, and her jumping towards the enemy, causing them to trip over and Nupo licking them before completly leaving the arena. She can be resummoned, by hold C (hold weak attack) charge.
Note: When Nupo is summoned this way, it will take quite a CHUNK of MP to use. Thus, must likely, accessory, without any skills, can be summoned three times or less during battle (?)

Example strong attack patterns:
Using the X (strong attack) combo, will use Nupo's back kick abilities, and she can combo up to three hits, with the final hit, sending enemy into the air (but not in the way that they fly out of the screen, instead they just roll up in the for a second and return. This last hit is counterrable.) If the last strong combo is charged, the flying effect can be delayed/en-strenghend, for longer air time. These attacks can be stopped, if hit during animation downtime (Nupo has a bit slow strong attack speed).
And if Nupo isnt active, players style determines the strong combo's.
Hold X attack (strong hold), will charge Nupo for a bouncing dash, and when released, Nupo will charge towards the direction, she is controlled towards at (this can be controlled by targeting), and longer you hold, longer the jumping dash be. This attack only causes enemies to be flattened, not sent to flying.

Before moving to super and special examples, a warning: If Nupo/player is damaged by continous attacks, or to certain degree, Nupo will flee, and will need to be re-summoned again, as long you have enough MP.

Super/Special attacks examples:
Normal standing special: Petting zoo show! (Nupo and the owner, will do the cattle riding routine, where owner tries to keep on Nupo, while Nupo rampages. This attack causes small waves on the ground, causing some damage and sending enemies backwards abit. During the dance, if player holds C or X, they can hold on longer and recharge their MP. If they dont, Nupo will after awhile send the player flying and flees. During the attack animation, there are hearts flowing about, that also may cause infatuation effect on enemies.)
Normal standing Super: Petting Zoo EXTRA! (Similar to special, but abit longer attack time. Also, Nupo is this mode able to move during her rampage. This attack dosent recharge the MP meter.)
Dash special/super: Petting Zoo cavalcade show/Petting Zoo EXTRA ENCORE!
(Special: Nupo will quickly charge and dash through the direction, the player is looking at. This will disembark the player from Nupo's back, but she freely summons her self back to the player without a cost. The enemies in the line of attack, will be flattened.)
(Super: Similar to Special, but this time, alongside with Nupo, Nupo summons clones of herself and runs along side with them, causing more damage and a longer flatten effect on enemies. From this attack, player can/need to summon Nupo on their own.
Jump special/super: Jump of joy/Landing of love!
(Special: Nupo along with player, will land to a certain spot and releases hearts that cause infatuation effect. Direction of the landing can be somewhat controlled.)
(Super: Nearly same as special, but, causes bigger area of effect spell.)

Movement example: When Nupo is ridden, instead of automated run, instead she will walk quickly first and eventually she starts skipping and jumping, longer the run is done. Also, when Nupo is active, the turning gear on her back will also turn slowly, when walking or standing (or dosent move at all) and during run, it spins quickly.

N.u.P.o.l.led, name comes from words: Nupo and Polled (both meaning the same thing, Nupo (Nupottaa in finnish) is the way of shortening of cattle's horns for their own health and protection and Polled, is somewhat same word of meaning, allthough also includes cattle/animals that may can grow horns, but dont.

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby _Apple_Pie_ » 27 Aug 2016, 02:59

Here's my entry for the accessory designing contest~! Hope you like it~! <3
Original; I had scanner problems. :c
Untitled-2.jpg (247.28 KiB) Viewed 3225 times

IGN : Apple·Pie

Accessory Name : Ancient Eye Gauntlet
Element : Hit/Dark

Origin : The Great Ayvon Ruins
Gaze upon thy power!
Untitled-1.jpg (223.08 KiB) Viewed 3225 times

Description :
An ancient gauntlet found by Dr. Diaper's useless assistant. It wields the shadows of the past allowing it to use past generations of warriors to do the wielder's bidding.

Suggested Styles : Ninja, Spy, Fighter, Berserker, Thief, Gambler, Werewolf, Fairy, Hero

Basic Attack (2) : Blockable
Punch (Head)+Punch (Stomach)+Punch (Uppercut)

Basic Attack (1) : Blockable
Kick (Leg)+Kick (Up)+ Tendrils

Attack (1) Hold : Blockable
Summons Warrior - (Charging at a specified direction)

Attack (2) Hold : Blockable
+Attack - (Shows wings; it gives the wielder additional attack power)

Special (Jump) : Blockable
While on air, the wielder stops time around for 1-3 second/s causing a rift in time which summon tendrils around the wielder.

Special (Dash) : Unblockable
Summon a warrior in front of the wielder dashing forward pushing and impaling the opponent. If blocked the warrior disappears and the wielder behind strikes forward, downing the opponent.

Special (Stand) : Unblockable
The wielder enters a stance similar to blocking for 1-3 second/s; if attacked the wielder slashes forward with the gauntlet then turns around and creates a cage around the stunned opponent and lifts him/her up in the air. In this position, the opponent's health is slowly drained and given to the wielder while a bunch of ghostly warriors protect him/her from harm for the entire duration.

Specials when AMPED :
The souls trap within the ancient gauntlet is pleased by the effort of the wielder and grants him/her a shield for 1-2 second/s (auto guard?) which helps to give him an edge against his/her opponent.
Untitled-9.jpg (253.6 KiB) Viewed 3225 times

Please pick mine and have a great day~! <3
People always tell you that it gets better later in life; It's true, I found out that I was meant to do evil things and become the villain. I've never been so alive! >:3
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Rayko » 27 Aug 2016, 08:37

IGN: Rayko
Image 01.jpg
Arctic Fishing Set
Image 01.jpg (34.72 KiB) Viewed 3220 times

Core Information:

Accessory Name: Arctic Fishing Set
Element: Ice
Description: A fishing set that is used by the natives of North Pole. You can even catch a penguin by using this.
Styles that can use this: All styles except Knight Gear.

Walking Animation: Same as on how you walk with Bamboo Sword.
Dash Animation: You put your fishing rod on your right should while it is holded by your right hand. (See Image 2)
Jumping Animation: Same as on how you jump with Bamboo Sword.
Aim Animation (Locked On): The handle of the fishing rod will be moved over the head while holding it to
prepare to launch the hook. (See Image 3)

Weak Combo: Hit the enemy using the base of the fishing rod and then push kick using the left foot then turning long kick
using right foot. The final attack which is the turning long kick will cause the enemy to fall down.
Strong Combo: Hit the enemy with the fishing rod and when the attack has been done successively 3 times, on the
3rd hit of the fishing rod, the enemy will be hooked and will be pulled over head and slam on
the opposite direction. (See Image 4)
Jump Weak: Hit the enemy using the base of the fishing rod.
Jump Strong: You get a fish on your fishing basket using your left hand then throw a fish, an eagle will show up from
the sky and eat the fish right after the fish hits the enemy. (See Image 5)
Dash Weak: You hit the enemy using your fist while still holding on the fishing rod.
Dash Strong: You hit the enemy using the edge of your fishing rod.
Hold Attacks:

Hold Weak: You throw a fish horizontally using your left hand and you will see an arctic fox chasing the fish from
your direction. (See Image 6)
Hold Strong: You will launch the hook in front of you horizontally and drag the enemy that was hitted by it. The range
of the hook is the same as the range of the basho fan's Hold Weak. This hold attack will have mp cost. (See Image 7)

Standing Special: You throw a fish in front of you horizontally thats a little bit bigger and a penguin will come out from the
ground and eat the fish you threw as soon as the fish hits the enemy.
Super Standing Special: You throw a fish (that is a little bit bigger than the fish in standing special) in front of you horizontally
and a penguin will come out from the ground and eat the fish you threw as soon as the fish hits the enemy.
0.5 seconds after, an orca will come out from the ground and eat the penguin that eated your fish to deal
more damage.
Dash Special: You launch the hook in front of you horizontally and the enemy that will be hooked will be pulled over head
and slams at the opposite direction then launch again the hook together with the enemy that was slammed to your
front that will cause the enemy to fly away like it was hitted by a flare bomb. (See Image 8)
Super Dash Special: The only difference with this one from the dash special is that this one has additional slams in the front
and at the back after the first slam and has the same procedure on launching the hook.
Jump Special: Launch the hook in the front on the ground then pulls a medium size fish from it. The enemies that will be caught
by the fish will fly away. (See Image 9)
Super Jump Special: Launch the hook in the front on the ground then pulls a large size fish from it. The enemies that will be caught
by the fish will fly away.

Idle: Fishes often jumps in the fishing basket but does not jump out.
Images 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
First.jpg (103.58 KiB) Viewed 3220 times
Images 7, 8 and 9.
Second.jpg (62.57 KiB) Viewed 3220 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby DrakeFlame » 27 Aug 2016, 08:59

My Contest Entry

IGN: Drake109

Name: Chimeratech Rampage

Element: None

Weak Combo: “Lion Frenzy” A Standard Combo, starts off with a punch and a kick, then you grab the opponent as the Lion head bites down five times before you knee the opponent away

Strong Combo: “Goat Smash” Starts with a Jab then a spin kick before turning around so the Goat Head can bash the opponent. (Can be held to Extend the Reach of the Goat Head)

Jump Weak: “Viper Bite” when in the air, gives a quick kick down, if the hit connects then snake bits the opponent for additional damage

Jump Strong: “Goat Hammer” When in the air, you fall backwards, when you hit the ground the goat head extends upward and slams down. (Knocks people out of the air) (Smashes opponent into the ground if held long enough)

Weak Hold: “Viper Seeker” (Inherit) With a click of a button, the Viper will seek out the nearest opponent and bite down on them, inflicting poison. If they are still out of reach the viper will spray out a cloud of Poison

Strong Hold: “Chimeratech Barrier” With a click of a button surround yourself in an electric barrier that can’t be broken by close range attacks! (Can be held. Consumes Mp) (Shocks when touched)

Stand Special: “Lion Flame” At the click of the Button, the Lion Head spews out a Long ranged flame. If Locked onto an opponent, the Flames follow them. Can be held for longer use

Stand Super: “Chimeratech Burst” Unlike Lion Flame, the Lion Head unleashes a short ranged Huge Ball of Fire that explodes on contact, sending people flying

Run Special: “Punish Goat” Take a running start but slip and forward as you click the button. The Goat Head extends up to send up mid-range electric Shockwaves (slide catches opponent in Goat head animation)

Run Super: “Chimeratech Punisher” Take a running start but slip backwards as you click the button. The Goat Head extends you all the way straight upward, sending out circling towers of Electricity from the ground.

Jump Special: “Viper Upper” In the jump, as you click the button you kick out and the snake grabs the opponent by biting down, inflicting Poison. You then spin around inflicting damage 4 times before back flipping off the opponent, flinging them away (Grab can’t be blocked) (Mid-Range throw)

Jump Super: “Chimeratech Upheaval” Starts just like “Viper Upper” however inflicting Poison or spinning, you fling the opponent into the air as you backflip then bend down as you land on your hands, kicking out as they are falling, sending them flying. (Grab is unlockable) (Sends Opponent Flying)
Acc moveset 3 and 4.png
Acc moveset 3 and 4.png (236.99 KiB) Viewed 3220 times
Acc moveset 1 and 2.png
Acc moveset 1 and 2.png (202.34 KiB) Viewed 3220 times
Chimeratech Ramage Acc detailedcoloredv2x3.2.jpg
Chimeratech Ramage Acc detailedcoloredv2x3.2.jpg (83.42 KiB) Viewed 3220 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby -Crow » 30 Aug 2016, 08:49

IGN: -Crow
accdesign1.png (218.55 KiB) Viewed 3169 times

Name of the accessory: Flame of the forest
Element: Fire
Usable styles: Fighter (Both), Thief, Beast king, Unicorn, Knight gear, Berserker.

Description: The forest required a guardian in order to protect itself, if its thick trees and inhabitance were not enough to deter those who enter. So it enchanted an ancient blade and a gauntlet to act as it's champion, and fight those who enter it's depths. Those who best the champion earn the right to weild its mighty power, and woe to those who feel it's righteous flames.

accdesign 2.jpg
accdesign 2.jpg (77.24 KiB) Viewed 3169 times

CCC-> Three consecutive fast attacks, the last attack tosses the enemy into the air, it can be charged to become unblockable.
XX-> The gauntlet burries the sword into the ground, and then remove it, causing flames to rise. The last attack can be charged to deal more damage and become unblockable.
Running C-> A quick and light thrust attack
Running X-> A pursuit attack that strikes the ground, it can damage enemies laying on the ground.
Hold C-> The gauntlet rushes foward(projectile), if an enemy is hit, it burns him, dealing damage.
Hold X-> A devastating rush that can be charged to deal more damage and travel more distance.
Special attack-> A powerful thrust attack, if it connects, the judgement of the forest will punish the enemy with its great flames, the sword will slash the enemy three times after the judgement(burn).
Jump attack-> The heavy sword of the forest falls into the ground, making a huge blast of flames around it.
Running attack-> The user is involved with flames and charges foward, slashing everything on his way with the devastating flames of the forest.

Its my first time doing this, i hope you guys like it! :D
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby fsdfdssaa » 01 Sep 2016, 03:03

asda.jpg (27.7 KiB) Viewed 3146 times
asda.jpg (27.7 KiB) Viewed 3146 times
images (1).jpg
images (1).jpg (5.63 KiB) Viewed 3146 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Askren » 01 Sep 2016, 16:36

Nick : Askren
Gear : Soul Root

Element : None

"This weapon,certainly from another world,use the user´s soul as a deadly weapon"

One gauntlet at the rigth hand,and a shoulder armor at the left shoulder

C combo :
3 hits with the gauntlet

C hold :
Both gauntlet and shoulder armor stop exhaling the user soul,so that the soul concentrates at the gauntlet´s blade.Each hit deals more damage,at the cost of mana

X combo :
The user grabs the soul exhaled by the shoulder arm and use it as a whip

X hold :
Grabs the enemy with the gauntlet´s exhaled soul,deals damage and turn that dealed damage into a bit of mana to the user

Standing Super :
Both exhaled souls unite forming an spear,that if hits,hold the enemy and then an power burst passes through the souls exploding at the enemy,dealing damage and knocking them back (At max voltage,the knockback sends the enemy flying)

Jumping Super :
While jumping,the user exhaletes an high amount of soul underneath him,creating a fog that debuffs hitten enemies´s defense (At max voltage,the debuff lasts longer)
(Don´t cause damage)
Running Super :
The user send his body to another dimension,leaving his soul at the real world,going forth.If a enemy touches the soul,the user materializes himself at the enemy back and hit him with the gauntlet´s blade
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby dragonsss » 03 Sep 2016, 09:48

IGN: Leonixo
Name of the accessory: Framed Reflection
Description: A set of 2 mirrors of different sizes is used to attack, trap and reflect people in their tracks.
Acc contest mirror.png
Framed Recflection
Acc contest mirror.png (225.21 KiB) Viewed 3122 times

Mix.png (212.2 KiB) Viewed 3122 times


Weak combo: The player hits with the reflected light from the mirror shooting out 3 flashes of light and the last hit is mirror a bash from the middle, knocking the other player back a bit.

Strong combo: The player attacks with the large mirror 3 times: 1 from above (Smacking on the head), 2 second from below the feet and the third one through the middle, placing the mirror near the stomach's location and breaks the mirror to damage the player.

Weak hold: The mirror reflects light in a position from above the player's head diagonally down.

Strong hold: The player places a large mirror vertically and it lets the player to teleport to it. If an enemy touches it, he will be trapped by him for a brief moment and then fall down after breaking free. In the moment of stasis, the player can attack.

Standing Spec: The player throws the magical mirror in a straight line and if it hits the enemy player or players, they will be trapped and the player would dash to the mirror and break it with his fists after hitting it 3 times, knocking back the enemy to a minimum

Standing Super: The same as the spec, just the player hits the mirror 5 times and the knockback is increased and would ringout, like a Fighter spec.

Dash spec: The player dashes with the small mirror and spinning it in his hands, doing damage until the spec is canceled by any imput like a jump or run command.

Dash super: The same as the spec, just adds a strong big mirror push at the end, knocking the enemy back if the spec hits him.

Jump spec: The player calls for the power of the mirrors, magnifying the mirror to a huge size and launching it straight down, swatting the enemy.

Jump Super: Same as the jump spec, but with more damage and the mirror hits 3 times before breaking.

Counter: The player blocks with the mirror in 2 hands. The player's counter would make the mirror break and damage enemies with the fragments.
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