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[Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Kai_Kaiser » 19 Aug 2016, 09:54

IGN: Kazeru
Accessory Name: Aes Crustecea
Description: A metallic hand made from the image of a crab, it was originally used in
lifting heavy objects in construction sites. Still you can use its powerful pincer to grab,
smash and throw your enemy with ease!

-(Click the image for full view)-
Note: Enlarging the image may cut off parts of the image depending on your screen resolution
Aes Crustecea 01.jpg
Aes Crustecea Set 1
Aes Crustecea 01.jpg (231.4 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
Aes Crustecea 02.jpg
Aes Crustecea Set 2
Aes Crustecea 02.jpg (221.9 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
Aes Crustecea 03.jpg
Aes Crustecea Set 3
Aes Crustecea 03.jpg (176.5 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Flaver-12 » 19 Aug 2016, 20:48

Hi everyone! Here's my submission for this years contest!! :lol:
Sorry if it's not really good and colorful I just hand-drawn :3

IGN: Flaver-12
Accessory Name: Divine Supremacy

GMS/Judges please save/download the moveset photos to your computers and zooom! This was supposed to be HD but the file size is too big I had to reduce it :3

Divine Supremacy Wohoo
wew_1_60.jpg (253.38 KiB) Viewed 3253 times
Holds, weak & strong combos!
q_1_45.jpg (212.32 KiB) Viewed 3253 times
14045056_955709607871350_2083169818_o_47.jpg (242.65 KiB) Viewed 3253 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby cyberjean » 20 Aug 2016, 10:10

Accesory: Rescue Hose
Styles that can be used:Fighter,Hero,Soldier,Unicorn,Knight Gear,Fairy,Wrestler,Android,Enchanter,Thief.
Sorry if the images have english issues.
Concurso de accesorios presentacion.jpg
Concurso de accesorios presentacion.jpg (78.99 KiB) Viewed 3236 times

Accesory Contest.jpg
Accesory Contest.jpg (204.48 KiB) Viewed 3236 times

Accesory contest 2.jpg
Accesory contest 2.jpg (229.37 KiB) Viewed 3236 times

Good luck to all ;)
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby OniFoxande » 20 Aug 2016, 10:39

IGN= Scottish
PAGE ONE.png (198.62 KiB) Viewed 3233 times

PAGE TWO.png (238.17 KiB) Viewed 3210 times

PAGE FINAL.png (182.85 KiB) Viewed 3233 times

instead of the marionettes displayed, the dolls could instead be of other skins in your inventory, if this is possible it would be a neat extra.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Doppler » 20 Aug 2016, 11:44

IGN: Doppler
Chained Lycanthropy.jpg
Chained Lycanthropy.jpg (158.33 KiB) Viewed 3214 times

The accessory consists of a collar and chain shackles.
The gimmick of this accessory, so to speak. During gat, when the match time hits halfway, the user shall be transformed into a ferocious werewolf. While in this form, the user moves faster and has higher ump, and has decreased knockback. The user DOES NOT obtain super armor, or heavy body status.
dog transform.jpg
dog transform.jpg (54.65 KiB) Viewed 3214 times

human form moveset.jpg
human form moveset.jpg (185.29 KiB) Viewed 3214 times

~~Human Form Moveset~~
-Weak Finisher:
The user grabs the enemy by their neck, and throws them towards the ground. This move can be chargeable to be unblockable. When charged, the silhouette of the beast residing inside them will extend their arm out and grab the enemy, grounding them.
-Strong Combo:
The user steps forward and has the wolf bite their enemy. This move slashes and can be held for more bites, but cannot be followed up by the strong finisher if held.
-Strong Finisher:
The user summons the wolf to pound the enemy, launching them into the air.
-Strong Dash:
Swipe at the enemy, launching them upwards.
-Strong Hold:
The user embraces the beast within, gaining a speed buff when there are low health enemies nearby. Can be stackable.

~~Wolf Form Moveset~~
In this form, the user hits harder and gets access to specials. The combos remain the same with some minor changes.
-Weak Combo: The wolf slashes twice, before doing the same finisher. However, when grabbed, the wolf will always push them into the ground.
-Strong Combo: This first strong attack can be held longer for more bites. The finisher can be charged, and has an optional aerial pursuit, where the wolf lunges upwards at them.
-Strong Dash: The wolf swipes forward, putting the enemy in a slowfall state. There is an optional pursuit where the wolf can lunge at the enemy afterwards.
-Weak Hold: This move has the wolf user claw the ground. If hit on a downed opponent, they will ravage them with 6 slashes before knocking them away. Only works as a down pursuit
-Strong Hold: Same effect but stronger
-Standing Special: The user dashes forward, kicking the enemy into the air, and swiping through them six times before knocking them towards the ground.
-Dash special: The user lunges forward, knocking the enemy up before slashing them upwards.
-Air Special: The user lunges downwards at a diagonal angle, pinning the enemy and ravaging them before taking a bite at them. If this move hits an aerial target, the last bite will instead ground them.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby xDelx » 20 Aug 2016, 17:54

IGN: Delani
Acc Name : Amped Zero
Type : Ice
GetAmped 2 Soda Accesory.png
GetAmped 2 Soda Accesory.png (168.51 KiB) Viewed 3203 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby chotu » 21 Aug 2016, 03:20

IGN: pradeepdon
Sorry But i am not good at photoshop stuffs. so i draw it myself
14089508_1581017778860432_299106652_n.jpg (116.74 KiB) Viewed 3193 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Meow-Map » 21 Aug 2016, 09:36

Phoneix 2.jpg
Phoneix 2.jpg (84.78 KiB) Viewed 3187 times
Hello everybody !
  me to the from Vietnam (I know little english) :D
I participate in this event because I like the design accessorry
Name in game: Meow_Map
name accessory: Phoenix fire arrows
Phoenix 1.jpg
Phoenix 1.jpg (74.94 KiB) Viewed 3187 times
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby jorxexzson » 21 Aug 2016, 12:46

BLADE.jpg (167.68 KiB) Viewed 3185 times

Accessory Name : King Spirit
Element: Fire

Description: Supposedly is the heirloom of royalty. It is an ordinary sealing cards makes out the symbol of the king and exudes an extreme boundless power when unseal to be a glaive. A gleaming gold forged by an ancient emperors who still has faith that the fallen kingdom can rise again. Only for those who've tamed the mighty kingdom.
CARD.jpg (135.78 KiB) Viewed 3185 times

MOTION.jpg (76.47 KiB) Viewed 3185 times

Card Form

Weak Combo - King's Exercise
Two-attack combo,first hit by throwing two cards and quick finished by card cutting target. Last attack gives four card cutting and has a great knockdown.

Strong Combo - King's Impulse
Two-attack quick combo, last knee strike attack knocks target airborne, it has a pursuit kick knocks target far forward.
* Last knee strike can be charged for guardbreak.

Weak Dash Attack - King's Dance
Quick dash attack by three-stepping attack and turning the target becomes groggy, it has a good knockback too.
* If the first step was missed, the later step-attack will not be launched.

Strong Dash Attack - King's Art
Quick dash and mid-range attack by transforming into the King card and quick spinning knocks to target airborne.
* An invincible when transformed into the card and the spinning can not be interrupted.

Aim Strong Attack - King's deal
Quick throws a card and makes the target groggy.
* Reference Accessory Assassin's Kunai - Kunai aiming

Jump Strong Attack - King's Flush
A downward card shooting that knocks target down. Further holding to increase the number of cards and expanding the shooting angle.

Weak Hold Attack - Excalibur
Transform the King card form into King Glaive form by dropping the card in air, the card becomes glaive when rotating , the rotating glaive can cause damage/knockback if it hits somone when the card transforming into the glaive.

Strong Hold Attack - King Illusion
Summon the King NPCs will automatically find the near target to fight , the King NPCs will execute a barrage of slashes. The finisher knocks the target far away.
* Cost an amount equivalent to normal special attack of MP.
* Reference Accessory Pirate's Captain - Dead Sailor

Counter Attack - KING Crusher
Same as the Glaive counter attack to gives a close range quick kick knocks target back.
* 50% probability to launch when Card Form
* Reference Accessory - Brave Bayonet - Counter burst

Normal & Super Dash Special Attack - King's Straight / Royal K Straight
Quick throw out the card boomerang forward knocks target away upon contact, knocks target ringout after charged.
Super Dash Special is same as dash special's movement, but it gets the bigger hitbox and cause more damage.
* Reference Accessory Prussian Kaiser - Crimson Howl

Standing Special Attack - Kingdom Meteor Shower
Quick shoot out a plenty of cards from two hands. Long hitbox and knocks target away upon contact, can be held for prolonging hits and the direction can be changed.

Super Standing Special Attack - Kingdom Flourish
Card form super standing special attack is a counter attack launched by shuffling the cards, the shuffling actions will be held 2 to 3 sec.
* If do not trigger the counter attack does not make any action and damage.
* If it triggered, the cards will form a tornado-type rotary cutting target and cause multiple of injuries, may cause all-round target damage upon contact.
* Finished by card explosive knocking target away and ringout instead.

Normal & Super Jumping Special Attack - King's Arc Flush / Royal K Arc Flush
Quick throw out the card downward knocks target fly upon contact, super jumping special gets a one more King card throws and bigger hitbox and high damage than normal.


King Glaive Form

Weak Combo - KING Force
Three-attack by kicking the target, when the third attack hit, will quick stepping the target on the ground.

Strong Combo - KING Edge
Three-attack slash combo, the third hit pursuits may be charged to be unblockable. Finished by stabbing that hit knocks target airborne.

Strong Pursuit Last Attack - KING Judge
The pursuits attack stab the target and held high, finished by throwing the target away.

Strong Dash Attack - KING Road
Slashes 2 times and gives a knock down.
* Reference Accessory Alastor's rage - Shadow Road

Jump Strong Attack - Pain Edge
Gives a decent slash knocks target down.

Weak Hold Attack - King Spirit
Transform the King Glaive form into King Card form by dropping the glaive in air, the glaive becomes card when rotating , the rotating card also can cause less damage if it hits somone.

Strong Hold Attack - King Seal
Throws a good range sealing cards ledges, using the chains seal the target on the card for around 4 to 5 sec.
* Reference Accessory Chaos Heretic - Crawling Shadow

Counter Attack - KING Crusher
Gives a close range quick kick knocks target back.
* 100% probability to counter instead.
* Reference Accessory - Brave Bayonet - Counter burst

Standing Special Attack - K' Break
First hit is to seal the target to trigger the full special attack ,
Target is hit will be sealed in the card and be knocked ringout by blade dashing,
Dashing will break the sealing card and the target together.
* Long rang hitbox of card throwing.
* The attack will not be interrupted until it finished, even getting damaged by others, and has a long range hitbox blade dashing.
* Knockback the target away and ringout.

Super Standing Special Attack - K' Explosion
The launcher of the special is same as standing special attack by throwing the sealing card,
full charge the power and quickly as light to throw the glaive to the target knockback and
ring out instead.
* A lightning break the sealing card and the glaive itself that knocks explosive attack that
the target knockback and ringout instead.
* Longer and bigger hitbox and will deterioate to the card form after super special attack used.

Dash Special Attack - K' Dash
Movement same as the finisher of the standing special attack that dashing blade, it has a long-range hitbox and the royal force instead.
* Knocks target ringout and last royal flame burns effect upon contact.

Super Dash Special Attack - K' Stardust
Movement same as the finisher of the super standing special that quick directly throws forward the blade without the sealing card that knocks an explosive itself and
ringout the target upon contact
* Bigger damage and will deterioate to the card form.

Jump Special Attack - KING Fall
The one critical quick drop the glaive downward knocks the target ring out upon contact.
* Even the glaive hit on the body of target are the same perform ring out effects.
* Because of the momentum that the glaive into the ground, the character allow to teleport to wherever one of the glaive was thrown to receive the glaive.
* The set of special will needed held some time to cold down and take back the glaive

Super Jump Special Attack - Revolution KING
Basic on the jumping special attack perform plus one more pursuits hyper throwing hits.
* The throws must hit on the body to launch the pursuits attack.
* If the first throws was missed the perform will be same as normal jumping special attack and will not launch the last pursuits hit.
* The throwing glaive if grabbed of the body it will launch the further pursuits.
* Finished by thrown the target hyper ringout.
* Reference Accessory Super Attack Last Hit - Sumou Tenka - Orge Dance - Wild
* Reference Accessory Super Attack Last Hit - Stag Beetle - Violent Crash


Royal Flame Effect
* No matter card or glaive forms, a certain attack will be accompanied to cause extra damage by royal flame burning effects.
* Each burns damage a little HP lasting 3~4sec.
* Burning will not make target groggy or other actions only deduct HP.


Dear and hello everyone,
I am Eternal, I'm pleased to be able to participate in the Design Competition again, I've been a player for many years, and never had the US version already started playing when Getamped2, watching the growth Getamped2 hope server will be getting better and better, I thank all the staff behind the scenes to bring our game happy hour again, thank you!
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Ahkire » 21 Aug 2016, 20:35

IGN: Jhen'
Acc name: Susanowo -purple-
Element: None
Descrp: In Japanese Myth. Susanowo known as the powerful god of summer. When activated susanowo forms around the user and becomes an extension of their will, acting and attacking on their behalf. Susanowo used Totsuka-no-Tsurugi as its weapon.
Susanowo-purple-.jpg (36.55 KiB) Viewed 3183 times
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