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[Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby yjjyjj » 13 Aug 2016, 08:33

A sound based accessory created by Dr diaper to obliterate your opponent using the power of your voice.
IGN Devin50
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby AmatseruX » 13 Aug 2016, 09:17

IGN: AmatseruX
Accessory name: Chicken Wing

C Hold: Throws the chicken wing
X Hold: Hits the enemy with the chicken wing and makes him edge
Run C = The chicken wing will hit the enemy that makes him dizzy
Run X = Enemy eat the chicken wing that makes him gain obesity so he becomes heavier and can't move quickly
Jump X: Chicken wing hits the enemy's head
Jump C: Style based

Standing spec: A very big chicken wing fall down from the sky making the enemy ring out
Super standing spec: Slap the enemy and stun them then spawn a bucket of KFC that drops chicken wings on top of them, enemy gains full obesity stacks and every stack of obesity grants -1 speed
Run spec: The chicken wing becomes bigger and hit the enemy into the air, when he falls on the ground it will make him unable to move for 10 seconds.
Super run spec: After hitting the enemy with run spec, a very big chicken wing falls down from the air on the enemy that makes him unable to move for 20 seconds.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Its_Brian » 13 Aug 2016, 09:49

IGN: Its_Brian
Name: Genocider's Scissors
Description: A pair of modified scissors with the sole purpose of causing mayhem. With it's swift strikes, it can catch any opponent by suprise.
Styles that can use it: Every style except for, Fairy, Enchanter, Android, Wrestler and Beast King.

Weak Combo: 3 swift strikes with the scissors.

Weak Last Attack: A slash using both scissors.

Strong Combo: The default style attack.

Strong Last Attack: An uppercut using both scissors. If held down, the uppercut does more damage.

Strong Dash Attack: Move forward at fast speed and slashes the opponent, causing them to get knocked up. Holding it down, does more damage. (Identical to the samurai sword weapon)

Strong Hold Attack: Grabs the opponent and slams a pair of scissors into them. Causing a little bit of damage and the 'Bleed' status.

Strong Jump Attack: You throw a pair of scissors diagonally. (Identical to the Thief style's Strong Jump Attack without the bouncing effect)

Standing Special Attack: Cuts the opponent's hair, giving them an afro which then blows up for decent knockback. (Your character faces the camera smiling when you're done cutting your opponent's hair. The afro is identical to Dangerous Bob's afro.)

Standing Super Attack: Identical to the special attack, but the afro is bigger and does more damage and has better knockback when the afro blows up.

Dash Special Attack (Inherit): Performs multiple slashes and then stabs the enmy with the scissors which blow up the enmy for decent knockback. When held down you throw a pair of scissors at your opponent which then blow up on contact with the enemy. (The Inherit is a trick skill with 90 difficulty)

Dash Super Attack (Inherit): Identical to the Dash Special Attack but with more damage and slashes and a little more knockback. When held down, you get more knockback and the range of the throw is increased.
I hope you like my idea. And may the best design win.
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby CoolKid15 » 13 Aug 2016, 12:20

IGN: CoolKid15
Accessory name: Little Constructer
Elements: Hit/Ice

A plastic shovel and bucket that you can use to let your imagination flow in the beach.
Just because it's made out of plastic, it doesn't mean that it's not powerful.
Trap your opponent in a sand castle and build traps to make everyone fall in a hole to be ejected by water.


Weak Combo: Three hits with the shovel.

Weak Last Attack: Uppercut with the shovel. If holded, uses shovel to throw sand at the opponent, breaking their guard and reducing their speed for a short period of time.

Strong Combo: One hit with the bucket.

Strong Last Attack: Hits the opponent on the head with the bucket. If holded, it puts the bucket on the opponents head* and hits the bucket with the shovel, doing a little knockback.

Strong Hold Attack: Throws bucket (empty) at the opponent. If held, it fills the bucket with sand and throws the bucket at the opponent, doing some knockback.

Weak Hold Attack: Makes a small sand castle. If someone touches it, it falls into a hole and gets ejected by water.

Weak Jump Attack: Hits opponent on the head with the shovel.

Strong Jump Attack (Inherit): Same as the Held Strong Last Attack.

Strong Dash Attack: Same as the Weak Last Attack. If Held, same as the Held Weak Last Attack

Weak Counter: Basic hit with shovel.

Strong Counter: Basic hit with bucket.

Special Counter Attack: Same as the Held Strong Last Attack.

Special Attack: Puts the bucket on the opponent's head and builds a medium-sized sand castle around him. Then hits the sand castle (with the opponent inside) with the shovel, doing decent knockback.

Super Attack: Puts the bucket on the opponent's head and builds a large-sized sand castle around him. Then, like the Weak Hold Attack, the opponent (inside the sand castle) is ejected by water, doing strong upwards knockback.

Dash Special Attack: While running, it fills the bucket with sand. Then, it throws the sand to the opponent, reducing their speed by one stage, for 20 seconds. Doesn't do any knockback.

Dash Super Attack: Same as the Dash Special Attack, but more sand is thrown, reduces speed by two stages for 30 seconds and does decent knockback.

*the opponent's head gets inside the bucket.

Styles that can use this accessory: Any but Beast King, Berserker and Gambler.

Good luck to you all. May the best idea win :D
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby ToxicationDeath » 13 Aug 2016, 14:43

Element:On The Picture.
Name:Wicked Citrus.
Description:On The Picture.
All Styles Except KnightGear Can Use This.

Walking,Running,And Jumping Animations:
Both The Running And Walking Animations Are The Same With The Orange In The Players Hand.

While Jumping The Orange Teleports Onto The Players Head.

C/Weak Combo Attack Pattern:
The First Attack You Throw A(n) Orange In A Straight Direction,The Orange Will Fall After 3 Seconds If No Opponent Is In Front Of The Orange.The Second Attack Is You Kick You're Opponent Down Onto The Ground THIS ATTACK HAS TO HIT IN ORDER FOR YOU TO DO THE LAST/FINAL ATTACK.The Last Attack You Jump And Slam Your Opponent With A Gigantic Orange While Making Them Flat/Stunning Them(You Cannot Hit Them Again).

X/Strong Attack Pattern:
The First Attack You Throw Your Orange At Your Opponent Just Like The Weak Combo But If You Hold The X/Strong Button After You Hit It,You Throw Multiple Oranges But If None Hit A(n) Opponent It Will Fall After 3 Seconds They Are Indeed Blockable In Between Attacks.The Second X/Strong Attack Is You Pull A(n) Huge Orange And It Hits Them Onto The Ground(Which Is A Ground Hit).It Is Chargeable To Become Unblockable.

Step/Dash Attacks:
Your Step Attack Is You Quickly Dash Towards Your Opponent And Slap Them With The Orange.
Your Dash Is The Styles Dash.

X/Strong Jump Attack:
Your Strong Jump Attack Is You Throw Your Orange Which Gives A Speed Debuff.

C/Weak Jump Attack:
There Is No Weak Jump Attack It's Your Styles Jump Attack.

Special/Voltage Attack:
With The Standing/Regular Special You Pull A(n) Orange From The Ground To Above You're Head You Throw It And It Starts Rolling.With The Voltage/Ultimate Standing/Regular Special You Jump Into The Air And Turn Into The Orange Yourself.You Can Indeed Move In This State But It's Hard To Do.(The Regular Special Makes Them Flat Onto The Ground While The Voltage Is A Ringout).

Jump Special/Voltage Attack:
While You Are In The Air You Grab A(n) Gigantic Orange Which Than You Throw And Slam Into The Grab It Is An AOE Attack Aswell.After An Opponent Is Hit By The Orange They Get A Speed Debuff.The Voltage Does More Damage And Makes The Debuff Last Longer.

Dash Special/Voltage Attack:
You Kick You're Opponent Down Onto The Ground After The Opponent Is Hit You Jump Up And Throw A Gigantic Orange Down To Your Opponent Which Gives Them A Debuff.The Voltage Does Something Similar But Instead Of Just One Gigantic Orange Hitting Him Once It Slams 3 Times With The Normal Orange And Slams Them Down With The Gigantic One For The Last Attack.

X/Strong Hold Attack:
You Plant An Orange Into The Ground Which Than You Move Back Quick And An Orange Tree Pops Up Out Of The Ground.If An Opponent Is Hit By It They Fly Up Into The Air And They Can Recover From The Attack.

C/Weak Hold Attack:You Pull Out A Glass Of Orange Juice Which Uses MP,Every Time You Drink You Get HP And You Only Drink 4 Times And You Can Do This Until Your MP Runs Out.

I Wish Everyone A Huge GoodLuck :D
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Atticus » 13 Aug 2016, 15:03

IGN: Atticus
Name: Road Shredder
Description: The power of the roads at your back a big monster truck tire coupled with the power of a single jumper cabel powered by a engine its time to burnout the competeition

Element: Hit

Styles that can use this: Beast King Kung Fu Master Hero KnightGear


Weak Combo: 3 short whip Attacks

Weak Last Attack : One hard straight whip ending with a spark of electricity

Strong Combo: A 2 hit combo with the tire, one downward strike and ending with a hard upper cut. Can
be held down for a guard break

Strong Last Attack: A short jump with the tire overhead and smashing it to the ground can be used as a ground

Strong Dash Attack: Attack with the tire in one hard uppercut followed with a whip attack with the jumper cable

Weak Hold Attack and Aim Weak Hold: Fling the jumper cable upwards or straight forward clamping the end on your opponent and pulling them in for a uppercut with the tire

Strong Hold Attack: Placing the tire on the ground and kicking it forward in a straight light. When held
it can go furture and can cause flatten


Standing Special Attack: A flurry of whips attacks ending with wrapping the whip around the opponent before swinging them
around twice before throwing them causing knockback

Standing Super: Similar to the standing special only 1 more swing before electrifying the opponent before launch

Dash Special: The user tucks themselves in midair transforming into the tire and reeving in midair for a moment before
dashing forward for a short lenght before transforming back

Dash Super: Same as the Special but adds a fire trail behind the user that can damage opponents who arent already hit by
the tire
( Both Dash Super and Special are similar to how the Guard Shell of Stones dash special/super)

Jump Special: Tossing the Tire with great force midair as it crashing into the ground and grinds whomever it hits

Jump Super: Similar to the Special but the tire is electrified and causes a explosive of lighting at the end of the attack

Edited move list and picture
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby MOKOALW » 13 Aug 2016, 15:24

Accessory: Atomic Magnet
Element: Thunder
Styles: All but Wrestler and Beast King

A high-tech magnet developed by the GAI Laboratory to aid in the extraction of metallic ores.
With this device, it is possible to control the movement of electrons, creating a magnetic field.
Use the fast moving electrons to electrocute your foes or charge you and your surroundings with
electric charges!

Main Gimmick: Positive and Negative Charges
- Like charges repel
- Uncharged objects are attracted to charged objects
- Opposite charges attract twice as strong
*Charging an enemy with an opposite charge will neutralize them
*Charging an enemy will consume MP

Image Positive Aura
Image Negative Aura

Weak Combo: 2 hits - stab and diagonal uppercut with the magnet
Weak Last: swipes with magnet, causing the enemy to hover in the air for a short period of time
Weak Pursuit: attracts target with magnet, CHARGES POSITIVELY (electrocutes), and knocks away, chargeable
Strong Combo: smashes magnet into ground, pursuits
Strong Last: uppercuts with magnet, launching the enemy into the air, chargeable
Strong Pursuit: attracts target with magnet, CHARGES NEGATIVELY (electrocutes), and knocks away
Strong Dash: rushes forward, catching the first enemy hit, CHARGES POSITIVELY (electrocutes), and knocks away, chargeable
Strong Jump: lunges downwards, catching the first enemy hit, CHARGES NEGATIVELY (electrocutes), and knocks away, chargeable
Weak Hold: Costs MP, creates a slow moving, homing ball of electricity that stuns the first enemy hit for 4 seconds
Strong Hold: Costs MP, cycle between charges [NEUTRAL, POSITIVE, NEGATIVE]; entities in a small area around you
will gain the opposite charge
Special: plant the magnet on the ground, recharging MP in the process (invincibility frames)
Super: more MP gain, more invincibility frames
*It is possible to retrieve magnet by activating Special a second time, the longer it is planted, the more MP will be restored
Jump Special: creates a thundercloud that attacks the nearest enemy. The first enemy struck will be NEGATIVELY CHARGED
and the enemies nearby will be POSITIVELY CHARGED
Jump Super: creates a bigger thundercloud that strikes 3 times instead of once. Cannot lock onto invulnerable opponents
(i.e. downed opponents)

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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby Bongpong » 13 Aug 2016, 16:42

IGN: army20
Accesory: Hovering device
Element: Thunder/hit
Styles: Soldier, Spy , Thief

Weak combo: Zaps the opponent twice then launches him in to the air.
Strong combo: Pulls the opponent towards the player with the magnetic tool then blasts him with a round laser.
Weak hold : Puts down a repulsive magnetic field , pushing the opponents away from the player.
Strong hold: Puts down a magnetic cage that traps the players walking past it.
Special attack: Expands the flying saucer and drags the player inside it (similar to the mech accessory, it's controllable but it hover over the ground)
SUPER SPECIAL ATTACK: Puts down a giant repulsive field that blows up upon touch and sends oppenents flying.

*Its a flying saucer that is the size of a bird and it hovers around the players head, after the special it expands and becomes a space ship (bigger version same picture)
ALIEN Flying saucer!!!!
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby KeeKana » 14 Aug 2016, 00:16

IGN: Keester
Accessory name: Amphibious Orchestra
Description: With this special baton you can conduct the frogs of the swamp to sing in perfect order... Most of the time.
Element: None
Styles: All except Knight Gear and Beast King.

The baton does weak damage too if the enemy is too close. Main damagers are the frogs and their sung notes. There and there are some... rogue frogs that have their own show. Randomly either by shooting their tongue run away or sing/scream a bad note just because he can. Conductor does not wish for such behaviour. There must be order!
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Re: [Official] Accessory Design Contest 2016

Postby TailsKanru » 14 Aug 2016, 00:56

IGN: ~Plushie~

Accessory Name: Gamer's Spirit

Description - Utilizing Digital enhancements and combining of Wingdom's Fanatics of Gaming Culture. The Scientist created the Wingdom's Legendary Accessory of the popular game, G.A.T. Virtual Arcade!
You too can use the ultimate game accessory for Fighters and gamers alike!

Element - None

Accessory Move-set Name - Digital Connection

Cosmetic effects - Sword has a faint glow similar to your HP - More HP lost, more glow it has. Upon Critical Life - Sword Flows with a light blue aura

- Shield has a Red aura on the top, - More HP lost - More a powerful glow appears - upon Critical life , A full Red aura emanates from the Shield.

- Player - Upon Critical Health - Player becomes a Floating being, able to float over ground slightly - DOES NOT HAVE FLOAT CAPABILITIES.

Additional Effects

-LEVEL UP + - Upon Killing a player/ enemy - Gain 1 Random Stat boost to kill - Gat is 30 Seconds - Mega Force Missions are 15 seconds.

- Extra LIFE - Automatically Recovers you upon death once. Causes Accessory to be destroyed. Player rises from ground reviving with a light, showing a beating heart shaped inside and infuses with the player.

- Energy Overflow - Perfect guard - Player Gains a boost of Speed upon Perfect guard - Automatically Cause a round burst to knock back opponent with minor knock back.

- Inherit - Second Play-through - ( Life 120 LVL 4) Gives Enhanced Stats to Health and MP / HP by 300HP - MP by 30%

Style's used - All Styles Allowed



Light - Attack 1 A forward slash then to side swipe
Attack 2 - A downward slash to a stab to the opponent.
Attack Light Tap end (Empowered Strike) - Quick pierce to the opponent, then to push back - Opponent drops down to ground.

Light Hold end(Final Push) - A unblockable pierce and 1 kick to knock opponent and else behind with a minor knock-back.

Light - Pursuit - (Focus Push) Minor step forward with a upward slash.

Heavy - Dash forward ( Enforced Charges)- Charge with your body's strength to bump into your enemy, can cause one more dash forward to knock opponent down.

Heavy - Attack - Uses Sheild to swing shield forward , mini knock-back

Attack 2 - Uses Shield as hard hit - Can be held for a stronger knock-back -

Light Air -( Flying Spectacle) Slash sword downward at a slight angle causing a fast strike down.

Heavy Air / Optional Hold (Air Tap | Dramatic Strike) (Air Hold | Dramatic Entrance) - Charge attack to stab straight down , Tap causes sword to stab downward - Heavy hold causes charge up and uses sword to smash into the ground, showing a powered aura around player for animation.


Specials -

Ground Special - (Raging Crash ) - Causes player to guard with shield, Can walk for 3 seconds before release , If attacked, opponent is caught by surprise with the shield counter, and stabs opponent into the chest area, and rises
them up and slams them behind you, and causes you to turn with your shield bashing them away.

Ground Special MAX (Bezerker Crash) Same animation attack to as to Raging Crash - Can be held for 5 seconds before release, if attacked , opponent is caught by surprise with shield counter bash, stabbing the opponent few more times then usual
then stabs on more time upon last hit, slamming opponent twice and second slam , causing your player to jump and power kick opponent away with a heavy fly-back.

Dash Special - (Boosted Strikes) - Lunges at player with sword and slashes upward, causing enemy to rise up , you strike your opponent upward, downward , to slide slashes going left to right, and slash downward slamming opponent to ground.

Dash Special MAX (Critical Strikes!) Lunges at player with sword downward slashes, then upward, causing same animation, strikes opponent with a flurry of attacks, then Sword turns into a larger , empowered aura version, slamming opponent downward into the ground and causing
the opponent to bounce up away from you. Finishes with a pose signaling a end attack.

Air Special - (Spiritual Hope) - Causes a aura emanate from player, causing a small rupture below player, opponents caught are damaged inside , rising them up and drop from the player releasing energy. -

Air Special MAX (Spiritual Dream) - Causes a Large field of Aura around player, causing a large rupture around player, opponents caught are raised up and damaged inside, Final attack causes a flyback upon final burst.
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