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[EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby Aeolus » 19 Aug 2015, 18:36

IGN: ~Mistake

Title: The Carlton Happy Dance

Desciption: The player is standing. then the player goes into a dancing motion swinging arms back and forth in happy motion :D

[img]Happy Dance []
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby KN1GHT » 19 Aug 2015, 19:53

chewing bubble gum while waiting
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looking cool while you wait XD
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby Ishzero » 19 Aug 2015, 20:28

IGN: Ishzero
Emote: Eager Fishing
Description: You simply pull out a fishing rod and net, holding the rod relaxed in one hand and the fishing net slung across your opposite shoulder. The hook of the pole is stuck to the net and the string of the rod is visible. Oh and you also get a piece of hay in your mouth cuz that's how I'd go fishing (optional).
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I'm no photographer.
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby Sefirus » 19 Aug 2015, 22:08

IGN: Sefirus

Title: Classic

The emotion: Is a cube that appears above the player and when he notices it he punches it 3 times making lucky coins appear, when the player hits it for the fourth time a crash bomb appears making him duck to avoid the explosion.

1.- the cube with "GA2" on the sides appears with a "Poof".
2.- the player ducks getting ready to jump.
3.- the player punches the cube making a lucky coin appears from the cube and making a happy expression then the coin disappears leaving sparkles.
4.- after the 2-3 frames loop finishes the player punches the cube a fourth time making a crash bomb appear and the player changes his expression to an angry/surprised face.
5.- the bomb explodes destroying the cube while the player is ducking to avoid the explosion with an stressed/angry face.
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby Mochi0n1 » 19 Aug 2015, 23:32

IGN: Mochi0n1

Barrels of fun

it'd be cute to have like a big barrel fall on your character, and they'd peak out of it all sneaky like

barrels of fun
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby _Chaki » 19 Aug 2015, 23:44

IGN: Chaki¬

Hot damn.jpg
Kylie Jenner game strong.
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Hi, here is mine. The idea was from Civitas.

Flowers and rainbows are fabulous.
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby SugarCandy » 20 Aug 2015, 00:21

IGN: _Kurosaki
Emotion : Eating
About my emotion: Everyboy needs to eat food and they need to be afk. So I decided to make eating emotion now we can tell other ppl that we are eating without words :3 eating ramen , or eating brea hamburger idk XD but melon bread is better i think
This is it XD
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby SaMbUU » 20 Aug 2015, 00:28

IGN: Cooler!
Emotion: Playing guitar :D
Now on Getamped 2 we can rock XD sometimes we neeed somethin cool
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby Nub_Errorr » 20 Aug 2015, 00:39

IGN: SuperNoob

Entry Info: I made this in the last 48mins coz i tot that someone will submit something like this and hope you guys can read the text of it.. This emote is best on "i need to do my business" or if you want to AFK for a while..
We really need this in GetAmped2
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Re: [EXTENDED] Emotion Idea Contest 2015

Postby getmaster3 » 20 Aug 2015, 01:11

IGN: Rage_trix
Snizzing is More Cuter ! if u want to Notice to anyone or Spot light :3 just ACHOO

Sorry i always post this because.. i saw my post its wrong so i repost !

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