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Limited time STAGE? what?

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Limited time STAGE? what?

Postby Masel » 30 Apr 2015, 07:07

"A new map, Beachfront, will be released for all battle modes! This stage will only be available until September 24th."

. . . I don't mean to be rude but. . .Why? Has the community not constantly been saying that one of the bigger things they dislike about this game was the rare / limited time items? on top of the fact that neither the community nor the company can get people to play maps other than Great Avyon, (save for only during the EXP bonus on certain stage times occasionally.) when there's already 40-ish other maps, and that we've been looking for a new map to be released that we were expecting to be permanent.

I'm going to ask this simply, but of what benefit is this update to the community or to the company? We're not gonna be able to enjoy the map (even tho it'll be around for awhile,) once the stage bonus ends because 90% the community will no longer be playing on it (they'll be playing Great Avyon as they've always done. ), and there's no way that I can see that making the stage temporary would benefit the company or bring in more money. I'd assume they did this because it was a seasonal map, but I feel as though we've already gotten seasonal maps that were permanent.
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