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Titan Tournament sucked

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Titan Tournament sucked

Postby KoishiRock » 24 Apr 2015, 20:58

I really, really am disgusted with how the Titan Tournament turned out.

Here, we had a tournament based on the Titan Belt, where everyone can get super big and smash each other with their humongous weight.....
except what we got was more than 75% of our participants using Enchanter style, which can't even transform even if it wanted to (don't judge my math, you understand what I'm saying).

I'll say it loud and clear. When you pay money to watch Nascar, you want a god damn race featuring Dale Earnhart and Jeff Gordan going neck and neck trying to cross the finish line, not a bunch of clown cars that look like they came right out of the circus.

When people go to see a Titan Tourney, they expect to see Titans tearing each other apart! Because of some weird reason, Enchanters are allowed to use this item and unable to transform, while Telepathers and Magicians for some reason CAN'T use Titan Device. WHY IS THAT!? PLEASE BE CONSISTENT! This is probably one of the least impressive finals anyone could watch!
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Re: Titan Tournament sucked

Postby Masel » 25 Apr 2015, 07:43

I can entirely understand why you're upset over this, (I'm even upset and disgusted and I didn't even take part!) but, we kinda all saw it coming . . .

This may sound pessimistic, but to my knowledge, not a single tournament nor contest that CS has hosted for this server after like, the first year, has not been either a disappointment, complaint-worthy, un-fun (which is half-fine, it's a tournament, after all.), seemingly rigged or biased, and/or extremely meta. Actually, this is the reason I don't take part in any and rarely watch them either.

However, I really do hope CS gets the message soon and realizes something has to be done, either in making better contests / tournaments, or in fixing the game (or staff, in some people's perspective,) up to actually be able to host such properly.
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Re: Titan Tournament sucked

Postby butaman » 28 Apr 2015, 16:30

Thank you for your honest opinion on our Titan Tournament.

We will gladly keep your opinion in mind for future reference as we develop new features and maintain GetAmped2.
If you have any good idea for our future tournament (or any kind of event) you are more than welcome to share it with us.

We, the GetAmped2 Management Team, value suggestions, feedback, and opinions from our users.
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