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[Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

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[Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby Shortcake » 08 Jan 2015, 19:06

This thread is the second page of the Global Accessory Design Contest 2014, as the other reached attachment limit.
Please DO NOT repost your design if you have already posted them in the other thread. This thread is ONLY for players who have not already posted designs.
Posting in one thread or the other does not affect how entries are judged. It will not increase your chances of winning.

Greetings, Fighters!

Accessory Design Contest yaaaaaayyy
ss+(2014-12-16+at+08.24.01).jpg (65.47 KiB) Viewed 8545 times

It is with much pleasure that we would like to announce the FIRST GetAmped2 Global Accessory Design Contest!!

This contest will be held simultaneously for the US, EU, French, Brazilian and Indonesian GetAmped2 servers!

All you have to do to participate is to post an original illustration of your new accessory idea, with a short description of its attacks or specialties!
The ultimate winner will have that accessory made by the developers and featured as an in-game item!
The prizes are more exceptional than ever, so keep reading below for all of the details!

[Theme] *Updated as of 22:00 on Dec. 18th
There's no specific theme this time! The most amazing and creative idea wins!
Please present your idea in detail, in ways easy to understand.
Ex) Detailed information on the design such as overall concept, theme on the appearance, movesets etc will help the Management Team understand your idea more clearly.


Entry Period:
December 18th, 2014 (Thu) 19:00 pm ~ January 11th (Sun) 19:00 pm(PST) *The deadline was miswritten (24:00 pm). Corrected as of 18:45 on Jan. 5th
Results Announced:
The result will be announced as soon as possible, but please be patient, as it may take a bit longer to coordinate judging globally!

-Your illustration must be created by you. Any method is acceptable.
-You must have an illustration of the accessory and a description for the concept. *Updated as of 22:18 on Dec. 18th
-Your In-Game Name must be posted at the top of your submission.
-Your submission must be visible on this thread (SUBMISSIONS WITH OUTSIDE LINKS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE.)

[General Rules]
-Please enter your In-Game Name at the top of your submission.
-Only 1 entry per player. Entries in excess of this amount will be disqualified.
-Entries that do not include at least one original image will be disqualified.
-Please do not modify your submissions after they have been posted. We may not notice your changes.
-Any entries which have ideas/comments/captions/images/etc which are plagiarized or taken from external media sources will be disqualified.
*(Entries may be inspired by other media, but the image MUST be created by the participant.)
-Any entries which are found to be offensive by the management will be disqualified, and disciplinary actions may be taken against the entrant, so please don't use foul language or obscene references.
-No reservations! Please only post submissions. Reservation posts will be deleted for clarity.
-Please write your in-game name exactly as it appears, using any special characters and capitalization as necessary.
-DO NOT post the same submission to other server's forums. Entries that are not linked to their regional server will not be counted.
-Multiple submissions DOES NOT increase the odds of winning.
-We will not accept requests to transfer prizes to alternate accounts/servers/etc.

The GMs will select a variety of finalists from all of the submissions after the entry period has ended.
*Updated as of 22:00 on Dec. 18th

-Images must be visible on this thread. (You can look up tutorials on how to resize images if you're unsure. If we can't read your image, because it's too small, it probably won't do well in competition.
-Images must be JPG or PNG format.

In order to add images in your post, please select the "Upload Attachment" tab below, add your image, and then select the "Place inline" option underneath the "Posted Attachments" section.
(It'll be near that looooong white line that says "File Comment." Please don't add external links for your images!)

Do it the right way.
Image_explanation_for_dummies.jpg (40.57 KiB) Viewed 8545 times


*Each player is only eligible for one prize..
Prizes below are for the US server only.

-Global Champion (1 player globally) : Ultimate Accessory Designer (Permanent) Title
Winning Design Accessory x1 (after development)
Amped Draw Ticket x5
1st Place prizes of their home server
-Regional Champion (1 player, US server) : 6,400 Crescent
100,000 Win
Special Title: Ultimate Accessory Designer (365Days)
-2nd Place (~2 Player, US server) : 3,200 Crescent
50,000 Win
Special Title: Accessory Designer (365 Days)
-3rd Place (~3 Players, US server) : 1,600 Crescent
20,000 Win
Special Title: Accessory Designer (365 Days)
-GM's Choice (1~3 players, US server) : 400 Crescent
5000 Win
-Participation (all) : 1000 Win

Please don't forget to include your IN-GAME NAME at the top of your post!! Not your User ID, not your Community Nickname.
Your IN-GAME NAME.Failure to do so may mean that you won't be able to receive your prize. (´・ω・`)


But better than this please
Acc-Design-Example2013.jpg (150.68 KiB) Viewed 8543 times

Thank you for your attention! We look forward to your submissions!
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby bdon » 09 Jan 2015, 10:48

IGN:bdon Acc: Golden Vajra Blades
acc copy2.jpg
Accessory Contest
acc copy2.jpg (154.99 KiB) Viewed 8530 times
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby Cuppycakes » 09 Jan 2015, 23:10

IGN: Cuppycakes
Accessory: Aural Dischord

Aural_Dischord.jpg (201.9 KiB) Viewed 8512 times
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby Lacia » 10 Jan 2015, 00:41

IGN: Lacia
poster.jpg (179.75 KiB) Viewed 8507 times
1.jpg (206.74 KiB) Viewed 8507 times
4.jpg (238.85 KiB) Viewed 8507 times
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby Ric-ric » 10 Jan 2015, 02:18

accsesory that i wanted to submit :c
since my handwriting sucks, i'll put here the moveset (subtitles?)

Description: Found from the ruins of Wingdom, legends say that the soul of the legendary dragon tamer was sealed on the gem that was engraved in this scythe which has the ability to summon and tame any dragon it desires.

Weak Attack Combo (Dragon's Heel)
Kicks first and stabs on the scythe's end and...
Weak Last attac (Dragon's Heel drop)
jumps quickly with scythe downward to the ground

Strong Attack Combo (Dragon's Crunch) HOLDABLE*
Slices downward then upward, when holded, it points to the enemy and then a dragon's head appear on the ground and bites.

Strong Hold (Dragon Summon) *mana/mp needed*
creates a portal at the ground when an enemy gets into it, a dragon comes out.

Weak Hold (Dragon spit)
A dragon will come out on a portal and fire a single fire ball

Running X (Dash strong) (Dragon's Claw) *HOLDABLE*
runs and slice upwards, if holded, a dragon's hand will strike from a portal on the ground

Running c (Dash weak) (Dragon's Push)
stabs them at the end of the sycthe and kicks em off lolol

Jump x (strong) (Dragon's hook) Holdable?*
spins on the air and slices downward

Jump c (weak) (Dragon's tip)
Stabs on the scythe's end on air

Step c (Dragonic pick)
Pokes at the end of the scythe

spins the scythe to both ends hit, (2 hits)

holds the sycthe firmly ,diagonal

Special attack (Dragon's rage)
(smash the end of the scythe to the ground) and a single (quite larger) portal is created and a dragon is civered with fire while it breathes fire upwards.
Super attack (Dragon's Inferno)
3 portals are summoned (the gem is glowing brightly)

Dash Special/Super (Dragonic flail/Dragonic Ram)

slices upwards and jumps slicing the enemy (and also to create a portal) and a dragon head will come out to breath fire
When SUPER while the dragon is breathing fire, a portal on the ground is created and a large dragon will tackle the enemy sending them upwards.

Jump Special (Dragon's Horde)
while on air, create a giant portal on yur back then many drakes come out to ram your foes.
Jump SUPER (Dragon's Masquerade)
a giant portal will come out and on yur back same as jump spec but a large dragon's neck will come out and breath fire while u standing epicily on it's neck lolol

NOTE: when a dragon is summoned , the gem will glow
on SUPER's the gem will glow BRIGHTLY...

this is my noob artwork xD
pic of acc
acc.jpg (238.29 KiB) Viewed 8502 times

some movest with my bad handwriting and bad art sorry
the movest of the infernal reaper of the dragon god
accses.jpg (228.78 KiB) Viewed 8502 times

and the NOOB (ART) SPECIALS MUAHAHAHA-cough- hahahaha....
specials LOLOL
accsesory.jpg (235.56 KiB) Viewed 8502 times
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby Zexen » 10 Jan 2015, 04:00


Accessory:Amaterasu's Foxfire

Accessory Description: This huge war fan had survived the Sengoku Era and was blessed by the sun deity, Amaterasu. It has the ability to create fireballs and fire whirls from one swing.


Amaterasu's Foxfire.jpg
Amaterasu's Foxfire.jpg (243.46 KiB) Viewed 8500 times

Amaterasu's Foxfire Stances.jpg
Amaterasu's Foxfire Stances.jpg (237.51 KiB) Viewed 8500 times

I couldn't draw the attacks,their hard to draw ;A; so you have to read (everyone hates reading) the attacks and try to use your imagination.So sorry ;w;.

Strong Combo:Double handed swing from right to left and follow up with a upward swing.

Weak Combo:Double handed right jab with the end of the fan and swing the fan from right to left then straight kick with the right leg and follow up with a fan swing from the left to right and causing small burn to the enemy (Last weak combo is chargeable for fire knockback)

Strong Dash:Same as last weak combo attack

Weak Step:Right Jab with the end of fan

Weak Dash:No weak dash :c

Strong Jump:Double handed swing downwards (Chargeable for 1 fireball)

Weak Jump:No weak jump :c

Strong Hold:Double handed swing upwards and spin 360 degrees (noscope) and swing from right to left(Unguardable Fire knockback)

Weak Hold:Double handed swing from down to up causing 4 fireballs to shoot (Anti-Air)

Standing Special:Double handed swing upwards while the enemy is still airborne then swing downwards (Ring-out fire knockback)

Standing Super Special:Double handed swing upwards while the enemy is still airborne then swing from left to right then from right to left and finally swing downwards (Ring-out fire knockback)

Jump Special:Double handed swing downwards smashing the ground in flames (Fire knockback)

Jump Super Special:Double handed swing downwards smashing the ground in flames and fire whirls around you (Fire upward knockback)

Dashing Specials:Double handed swing from right to left causing 1 fire whirl moving slowly towards the enemy for 3 seconds (Fire knockback)

Dashing Super Special:Double handed swing from right to left causing 3 fire whirls moving slowly towards the enemy for 5 seconds (Fire knockback)

Counter:Double handed swing from right to left and causing small burn to the enemy

Note:The flames are sky blue c:

I apologize once again for making you read all that (BLAME MY ART NOT ME).
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby Revelations123 » 10 Jan 2015, 08:27

IGN: ArchBlade

Exodus Artwork
Exodus.jpg (225.42 KiB) Viewed 8493 times

Once known as one of the greatest soldiers in the secret mercenary group,
Babel, the one now known as Exodus was said to have been savagely
experimented and tested on to become Babel's greatest killer. However, on the day
they least expected it, Exodus used his new found powers and abilities to escape
the life he had now learned to despise. The power and rage of Exodus flows
through the veins of these cybernetic arms, granting the power of freedom to whomever
shall wear them.

Move set:
Attacks.jpg (209.32 KiB) Viewed 8493 times

Specials.jpg (172.97 KiB) Viewed 8493 times

Disclaimer: Because it limits be to 3 pictures...i was not able to put up the more detailed Front & Back view of the accessory, also, the image quality might be a little bad as well. I worked the last 3 days strait on this so hopefully this wont effect me greatly.
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby garykilla » 10 Jan 2015, 15:53

IGN: garykilla
Accessory name: Danetta's Calamity

Idle Stance
78058c9a7d8f40ba1b678d7cca9dc2be.png (218.19 KiB) Viewed 8465 times

Description: Legend has it that this crossbow was wielded by the greatest hunter in all the lands, but she suddenly disappeared, leaving behind her greatest tool. It is said to bring calamity and strife to those who use it.

Standard Combos1.jpg
Combos and Holds
Standard Combos1.jpg (148.7 KiB) Viewed 8465 times

The C combo starts off with multiple stabs in front of you, which is then followed by a lunging attack. For the last part of the combo, you do a sweep kick, knocking them into the air with a slowfall, and finally the pursuit attack is a shot infront of you.

The X combo is a regular shot for the first hit, and is then followed up by throwing a bola at them, trapping them and preventing attacks.

The C hold shoots three bolts in an arc upward, while you do a small backflip/roll.

The X hold cycles between three different types of bolts that you shoot forward. The first is an explosive bolt, the second is a bola that prevents attacking, but lasts longer than the heavy combo version, and the third is a stun bolt, that has a small explosion.

Standing Spec1.jpg
Standing and Air Specials
Standing Spec1.jpg (120.23 KiB) Viewed 8465 times

The picture in the upper left are the aim and lock-on stances.

The standing special has two variations of it. The first is if you tap the button down, you shoot out a bolt with a chain attached, and propel yourself towards the enemy (or a wall) if you hit. After you reach your target, you can press the special button again, to pull the bolt out, and shoot a barrage of bolts from the air. The other variation of the special is if you hold the button. You shoot out the chained bolt like normal, but instead pull the target into the air, and slam them into the ground behind you.

The air special has you throw a large net onto the ground, that traps enemies who walk into it, and prevents them from moving. However, if you hit the enemy directly, they are also prevented from attacking while in the net. The net can hold multiple enemies, and the enemies can only be attacked by down pursuits in the net.

Now, onto the moves that do not have a picture to accompany them. :)

The air X attack has you shoot a bolt straight down, (hits knocked down targets) while still keeping your momentum from the jump.

The dash X has two parts. The first part is a small dash behind the opponent, which you can then followup with the press of C or X, to either lunge forward with the crossbow, or shoot a bolt respectively.

The counter attack is a stab with an explosive bolt that launches the opponent in an arc backwards.

The perfect guard for this accessory would instead of just min-stunning the opponent like normal, also turn the player invisible for a few seconds, with no MP cost.

Thank you for taking the time to read my contest entry, I really appreciate it!
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby StarMario » 10 Jan 2015, 17:16

ominous fortune jpg.jpg
Yaaay Art Contest Yaaaay! Hope I Win!
ominous fortune jpg.jpg (191.55 KiB) Viewed 8463 times
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Re: [Official 2ndPage] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014

Postby aweAnark » 10 Jan 2015, 22:31

IGN: aweAnark
Accessory: Infinite Kagummi
Element: None
Description: This supernatural gum was infused with sap from a mystical tree belonging to the Guardian of Nature. After absorbing its power, the legend states that the gum has retained some unique abilities.

IMG_NEW (3).jpg
IMG_NEW (3).jpg (222.63 KiB) Viewed 8454 times

PP1.png (254.54 KiB) Viewed 8454 times

PP2.png (247.43 KiB) Viewed 8454 times
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