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[Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated]

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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Vanhelsen » 09 Jan 2015, 23:46

Ign: Vanhelsen
Acc name: Fear
Description: Synthesized from the fears
and griefs of fighters who were defeated
and depressed.Pierce your opponent's heart
with the power the 4th dimensional force
and do revenge to every single enemy that
harmed you.
10899692_1031670490193301_1999221594_n.jpg (10.45 KiB) Viewed 4901 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Quiket » 10 Jan 2015, 03:55

IGN: Quiket
Accesory Name: Spodugo's Graffitti
FormatFactorySpodugo's Graffiti.jpg
FormatFactorySpodugo's Graffiti.jpg (246.06 KiB) Viewed 4659 times
FormatFactoryMoveset 2.jpg
FormatFactoryMoveset 2.jpg (227.01 KiB) Viewed 4659 times
FormatFactoryMoveset 4.jpg
FormatFactoryMoveset 4.jpg (232.87 KiB) Viewed 4659 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Son-Gokuu » 10 Jan 2015, 04:18

IGN : SonGokuu
I'm so happy to present my idea :lol:
here is it .. DRAGON FIST
at first .. i wanted to call it Dragon Arm , but Dragon Fist make me feel strong and more confident in battle
Discription : A warrior fused with a dragon to get super powers , the dragon bacame the warriors right arm and they got super speed and strength
Element: Hit
here is my design in those 4 pages
*****In Page 1: the design*****
Up: I mean Top view
Side: side view
Up/side: they are the view of the design; simply they are the view of the right hand when the dragon fist is equipped
Spical *Special* : i wrote spical by mistake.. i just mean special , it is the great Dragon that will appear in the special attack
i drawed the tail of the dragon but it won't be useful because it wont appear at the end of the attack
Body : it is just how will the Dragon Fist look when Equipped .. the dragon fist will be equipped only in the right arm
1 b.jpg
Page 1 : The Design
1 b.jpg (219.67 KiB) Viewed 4659 times

******Page 2 : Special attacks****** ..
Special Run :-
1 : run
2 : Press F or C+X to start the Special attack .. starting the attack, the player will jump and dash toward the enemy
3 : hit in the air with the right arm(dragon fist) and the dragon fist will explode
4 : Explosion occurs .. the dragon fist will vanish and the right arm return to a normal human arm while attacking
5 : the special dragon will come out of the explosion and hit the enemy , and the smoke resulting of the explosion will vanish quickly
6 : this is how the dragon hit and penetrate through the enemy .. after this , the dragon fist will return to the right arm
Special Jump :
1 : Jump
2 : Press F or C+X .. the player will dash toward the enemy and hit him knocking him down
3 : The explosion .. the draon fist will vanish and right arm return to a normal human arm while attack
4 : the player will jump and raise his fist .. .The special Dragon will come out from the ground and hit the enemy and the smoke resulted from explotion will vanish
*****Page 3 : special attack ******
Spicial attack : just pressing F or C+X
Charge : if the player hold F .. this is how the attack will be charged .. energy aura appear arround the player
1 : jump and dash toward the enemy .. (this unuseful details just make the acc. awesome : when the player jump .. the ground under him will break due to the strength of the jump as the figure)
2 : when the player reach the enemy he will hit him a and throw him HIGH
3 : the player will vanish
4 : after 0.5 Second he will apper in front of the enemy.. in the air ... a little far from him
5 : the player will hit in the air to do the special attack ..the dragon fist will explode and the right arm will return to a normal human arm
6 : the special dragon will come out of the explotion and hit the enemy and the smoke reulted from expotion will vanish quickly
7 : *the same as Special Run:6* (drawing will take some time .. no need to draw he same twice)
Note : open the image in a new tap or zoom out the page to see it completely
Page 2&3 : Spicial attacks , Maxmum number of pages is 3 .. so i put 2 pages in 1 image .. open the image a new tap to see it completely
2&3.jpg (236.24 KiB) Viewed 4659 times

*****Page 4 : normal attack*****
weak run :-
2:hit the enemy and throw him
Strong run :-
2:hit the enemy a strong hit in the stomach as the figure .. that will cause the enemy dizzy for 5 seconds
weak hold : use the left arm to fire energy blast (i forgot to draw how will the energy blast look like while charging .. but its too simple , a bule energy ball
strong hold : using the dragon fist .. the dragon will open its mouth very wide and charge a fire mixed with energy ball and fire it
the figures under the the fire-energy ball while charging (ready) and after firing(fire!) it
i forgot to color it .. so , the fire ball is red and surrounded with black energy aura
weak attack : it is so simple .. super fast punches ... increase the speed of the punches and number of hits in the combo .. the last punch in the combo will throw the enemy
strong attack : super fast kicks .. the player will fly and kick the enemy .. in another meaning , do a combo with super fast kicks with out touching the ground .. the last kick in the combo will knock the enemy down
4 b.jpg
Page 4 : attacks
4 b.jpg (210.01 KiB) Viewed 4659 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby FreeKill78 » 10 Jan 2015, 08:04

IGN: FreeKill78
accessory name: Ambiguous Consequence
description: An accessory made by using the GAI's technology based
on the blueprints that is left by a man
called Titor after disappearing from this timeline.
Utilizing a blackhole on the back,
this accessory can manipulate time and space.
Become the future of every battle!
element: hit
style:any style
inspired by John Titor
design2.jpg (224.69 KiB) Viewed 4784 times

movesets1.1.jpg (252.4 KiB) Viewed 4784 times

movesets2.jpg (247.48 KiB) Viewed 4784 times


****TSQ= time-space quake
****In time stop, the clock hands do not move.
****In TSQ, the clock hands will be moving super fast clockwise.
It has 3 seconds duration(sucking characters) and another 3 seconds
also, it will then have black lightning effects. it has
multiple hits and blackhole becomes smaller and smaller, revealing the
skeletons. the skeletons are the characters sucked. they will be
a skeleton for a while.(max of 3 people)
****summoned objects by this acc will be sucked
back by a blackhole, after use (to look cool XD)
****left hand- space ; right hand- time
****accelerated punches have after-images/inviframe-look.
****the design have 2 smaller (than on the back) gears at the back that
is moving. the large one is just floating and
only move when using strong hold.
***Strong hold will damage all that is sucked, including the user.

***i dont have enought time to name all the attacks....
****did this in the spurt of time, im so busy, sorry for the rushed drawing.
got so busy at school.. :<

***the description is kinda lame... can be changed. and lastly, i really like
the word "cool" XD
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Sen » 10 Jan 2015, 08:40

IGN: Sen
Accessory: Sanctity Prison
New Canvas3 (1).png
New Canvas3 (1).png (161.27 KiB) Viewed 4653 times

1 (2) (1).png
1 (2) (1).png (153.42 KiB) Viewed 4653 times

1 (3) (1).png
1 (3) (1).png (163.62 KiB) Viewed 4653 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby sora_666 » 10 Jan 2015, 12:06

by sora_666
use it like a stuning sword without the thunder element :mrgreen:
the honey sword.PNG
the honey sword.PNG (27.75 KiB) Viewed 4885 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Lengendary » 10 Jan 2015, 13:30

MADE by Kinara i will like it pat yourself on the eye ;)
Capture.PNG (68.76 KiB) Viewed 4884 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby KoishiRock » 10 Jan 2015, 19:15

Combos and Finishers
Dash Attacks
Air Attacks
Hold Attacks
Aim Attacks
Standing Specials and Supers
Dash Specials and Supers
Air Specials and Supers
Other things
I noticed the first image got a little cut off, so I'll repeat the intro phrase
"This head ornament was worn by a long forgotten ballet dancer who had the power to turn dream into reality with her mesmerizing dances and paraphysically gifted brain. When worn, her love for performing fills your mind, along with the phantasmal abilities that once lifted her graceful beauty."

I admittedly know little to nothing on the specifics of ballet or don't remember much on it, I recognize it when I see it and I know that apparently psychics and dancing just kinda seems to be two things that go together. I really can't say I'm that good of an artist myself, so I kinda copped out on animating some things due to time and just not being able to quite get it right.

What I mean to express with this accessory is as the name and description would imply, psychic energy that make your ballet moves "come to life", such as the weak finish having what looks like butterfly wings when performed. The helmet is like a projector, but its like passive hypnosis more than anything. The main idea is that its tech based melee with several options to mess with the opponent's mind and confuse them, while still having some moves meant for keeping your distance.

If you guys like the concept and idea, but can pull off the move set more cleanly to look more like "ballet" than how I drew it, then by all means surprise me. The main thing is the helmet itself and the ballet and dream/subconscious motif.

The name:
Reve Theatre: French for Dream Theater
Cerebelle: Cerebellum (Latin for "Little Brain") + Belle (French for Beauty)
Pierre: French for Stone
The old name used to be "Stone Brain", but I felt it would be too generic on a professional level and not having any kind of "spice" that would put a little more emphasis on the ballet part of it.
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby shhduw » 10 Jan 2015, 23:20

IGN: ŸAngryŸ
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby funneh1 » 10 Jan 2015, 23:22

A twist of old and new!
Ayy lmaoyo.jpg
My accesory!!!
Ayy lmaoyo.jpg (68.51 KiB) Viewed 5001 times
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