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[Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated]

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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby qwesadwa » 05 Jan 2015, 02:34

IGN : FirefoxJr
info1.jpg (202.7 KiB) Viewed 4238 times
info 2.jpg
info 2.jpg (214.18 KiB) Viewed 4238 times
info3.jpg (233.83 KiB) Viewed 4238 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby LaurieMoon » 05 Jan 2015, 15:35

IGN: LaurieMoon
Accessory Design: Violin Crossbow
Description: Long ago Archibald Diaper entrusted this artifact of early technology to his finest student. To this day it serves as a harmonizer of music and might.


Attack List:
Weak Combo - Arco ->Détaché -> Legato
Strong Combo - Marcato -> Matelé
Weak Hold - Son Filé
Strong Hold - Octave Pinnacle
Weak Jump - none
Strong Jump - Saltato
Weak Run - none
Strong Run - Chanterelle

Stand+Special - Concerto
Stand+Voltage - Hooked Bowing
Run+Special - Glissando
Run+Voltage - Pedagogy
Jump+Special - Spiccato
Jump+Voltage - Flying Spiccato

( As an actual attachment I was limited to 256kb which is tiny and won't get much detail, so I hope this is all right :D )




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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Atlaxy » 05 Jan 2015, 18:25

nightmare.png (17.31 KiB) Viewed 4428 times

nightmare shadow blade... this my acessory
so cool... XD
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby TPArtemis » 05 Jan 2015, 20:00

thanks based GMs for this glorious opportunity (right click and open to expand)
IGN: Whiteberry
depression.png (244.18 KiB) Viewed 4372 times

quest.png (116.63 KiB) Viewed 4372 times

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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby TPArtemis » 05 Jan 2015, 20:03

is.png (152.27 KiB) Viewed 4372 times

GOTY.png (176.33 KiB) Viewed 4372 times

2014.png (155.75 KiB) Viewed 4372 times

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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Blockybloc » 05 Jan 2015, 20:37

IGN: blockhead1
this is my acc. hope you like it... :geek:
Hacker Drive moveset and key.jpg
Hacker Drive moveset and key.jpg (110.05 KiB) Viewed 5050 times
Hacker Drive overview.jpg
Hacker Drive overview.jpg (92.25 KiB) Viewed 5050 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Vioskeryn » 06 Jan 2015, 00:33

A simple work using a combination of colour pencils, markers, Microsoft Word, enjoyment and Tiffany Sparks! Good luck to everyone!
Accessory Design Contest-min.png
Accessory Design Contest 2014 [IGN: Vioskeryn]
Accessory Design Contest-min.png (103.67 KiB) Viewed 5067 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby moko900 » 06 Jan 2015, 09:52

IGN: Angelcute
acc's name: night's hikari
acc's desc: up to you
element: thunder

ACC CONTEST - Copy.jpg
ACC CONTEST - Copy.jpg (211.75 KiB) Viewed 4818 times

ACC CONTEST - Copy (2).jpg
ACC CONTEST - Copy (2).jpg (219.1 KiB) Viewed 4818 times

ACC CONTEST - Copy (3).jpg
ACC CONTEST - Copy (3).jpg (239.99 KiB) Viewed 4818 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Pangalanko » 07 Jan 2015, 02:57

IGN: †»Kira«†
alt codes for the name
† - alt + 0134
» - alt + 175
« - alt + 174

Okay! First of all, I like clowns. They're awesome. Originally, I was going to make a cute marionette for an accessory but someone inconveniently submitted a puppet-ish one which may be called a marionette, hence, will make me unoriginal =w=. FYI the accessory name of that was eidolon something around page 3-8. Anyways, that aside, I decided to go make another jester tool. After some time of brainstorming, I got the idea of making a Marotte instead, a clown's bestfriend :D
Now without any further dilly-dallying, I present my submission, Augusteux's Marotte!

Accessory Name: Augusteux's Marotte
Description: Once owned by a sinister jester. His faint aura can be felt within.
Element: ??? or Unknown or whatever floats your boat

The Accessory
marotte1.JPG (76.86 KiB) Viewed 4783 times

Move Set
attacks.JPG (72.11 KiB) Viewed 4783 times

jestermoveset.JPG (78.46 KiB) Viewed 4783 times

[b]Now, I don't know 'bout you guys, but this is a masterpiece from my perspective XD[/b]
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby hanccooooo » 07 Jan 2015, 06:04

IGN: LuffyHanco

Name of Accessory : Vongola X Gloves -Vongola Ring Version-
Element : None/Fire/Ice
Description : Gloves used by the 10th Generation of Vongola. With the Vongola Ring on your glove, you recharge mana and do other incredible things. With the combination of both gloves and ring, you can change the element of your gloves.

Name of Skill - Vongola X

Styles able to use this accessory- All Male Styles, Knightgear, Fairy, Android, Unicorn.

Type 1 ( None element, the orb on the gloves is both red and blue)

Weak Combo
-Hitman punches
Punches the enemy 4 times

Weak Last Hit
-Hitman Uppercut
Hits the enemy and sends them flying upwards. Chargeable for Unblockable and unrecoverable launch.

Strong Combo
-Hitman Kick
Kicks the enemy 3 times

Strong last hit
-Hitman Rapid Kick
Kicks the enemy 5 times before kicking them with a good knockback. Chargeable for unblockable, 10 hits, more damage and more knockback.

Dash weak
-Hitman Power Punch
Chargeable for unguardable and more knockback, has super armor when charged.

Dash Strong
-Hitman power kick'
Kicks enemy 3 times before sending them up. The last kick can be charged to be unguardable and unrecoverable launch.

Weak Jump
-Default weak jump

Strong jump
-Hitman Heavy Knockdown
Not charged version is like Fighter's Jump X, when charged, the attack is unblockable and it traps the opponent into the ground, enemy can only be down pursuit. Both charged and not charged jump x can down pursuit.

Weak Hold
-Vongola Transformation'
Changes your status to fire element.

Strong hold
-Vongola Recharge
Charges MP, an orange flame on your ring lights up. You have Super Armor while charging. If damage is dealt when charging, you charge more mp. You can only charge the amount of MP you had at the start of the game.

Standing Special
-Rapid combo
Hits enemy with both hands and legs, 13 hit combo, sends enemy flying upwards.

Standing Super
-Rapid Shots
More damage and more hits, 15 hit combo, you take out a gun and shoot at the enemy, the last shot rings the enemy out. If you hold the special on the last shot, you can shoot bullets at the area surrounding you, each bullet rings out anyone that got shot.

Type 2 Hitman burner(Fire Element, orb on glove is now red.)
Adds Fire element to all attacks.
Weak combo
-Flaming Punch
Same like the Weak combo in Type 1, but this slightly burns the enemy.

Weak last hit
-Flaming Uppercut
Same like Weak Last Hit in Type 1, but burns the enemy upwards.

Weak Pursuit Attack
-Burning Forward
Grabs the enemy while they are burnt in air, shoots fire beams at the enemy (8 hits) with a big fire knockback.

Strong combo
-Flaming Kicks
Same like Strong Combo in Type 1 , but added fire element and burns the enemy slightly

Strong Last Hit
-Flaming Rapid
Enemy rings out while burnt if the last hit is charged.

Weak Dash
-Burning Power Punch
Same as Type 1 , but has flaming full knockback when charged.

Strong Dash
-Burning Poison
Grabs a player and inflict them with fire status, this status -1 Str and Def, and it works like normal poison( reduces HP overtime)

Weak Jump
If you hold this attack, you can fly, as high as you want and as far as you want. No restrictions, does not cost mp. You can attack while you are flying. There is a cooldown of 10 seconds right after u finished flying.
If you don’t hold the attack , it is default weak jump.

Strong Jump
-Fire shots
Shoots balls of flame downwards while you are in the air. The longer you hold, the more fire balls you shoot. You can change direction when you hold the attack. Fire balls are slightly homing.

Weak Hold
-Vongola Transformation
Changes your element to ice.

Strong Hold
-Vongola Charge (has super armor frames in all 3 stages of this hold)
3 stages to this hold attack
Stage 1: Shoots one homing fire ball to the closest enemy, able to follow the enemy across the map if the enemy runs away. The Fire ball can move through walls and obstacles. Deals little damage, unguardable and little fire knockback.
Stage 2: Shoots multiple fireballs forward. The fireballs are homing, but have limited range (based on Tec or Str, depending which one is higher). The longer you hold, the more fireballs you shoot. This attack is good against Super Armors.
Stage 3: You blast across the map until you hit a wall/covered a certain distance. Players that get hit by the blast rings out with the fire status mentioned in strong dash. You leave a trail of fire for the land covered . The trail of fire lasts 5 seconds, burns anyone(except you) that walk pass it. You can fly across holes while you blast across the map.

Standing Special
-Leone di cieli : version vongola
Summons Natsu, your very own cute lion.
Natsu lasts for 30 seconds, gives you all stats +2, Natsu can only be used for Type 2 and 3. Natsu changes some movesets and adds attacks.

Standing Super
-Leone di cieli : version vongola X
Natsu lasts for 1 minute and all stats + 3

Dash Special
-Flaming Shot
Summons natsu forward and back, you can change the direction of where u shoot. Hold the special to shoot forward and backwards, tap the special to shoot upwards and back. For the hold special, it can also be a counter. If you get hit at any point of the counter, natsu grows and grabs the enemy that hit you. Natsu chomps them down ( attack is something like fenrir’s chomp) then roars at them, rings them out with fire status(Burning Poison) This attack is effective on Super Armors.

Dash Super
-Flaming cannon
Natsu is now bigger and natsu is launched further. Natsu shoots forward 2 times and backwards 2 times( Front , back , front, back) Counter deals more damage and has more hits.

Jump Special
-X Burner Air
Your hands face forward and backwards diagonally. You shoot a beam of fire backwards first, you can charge this special to shoot forward and backwards straight. You can aim if there is someone near you, your special locks onto them, after you lock onto someone, you can charge your special for more damage, more hits, ringout and good against super armor. When you target someone, that person cannot move but can block. Once aimed, the hand forward shoots an orange flamed beam at the targeted person. Not charged version only knocks them back with good knockback. Charged version is good against super armor and rings the enemy out when hit. For all version, if the enemy is hit by the fire beam shooting backwards, they ringout and a very high damage dealt on them. You have super armor frames while using this.

Jump Super
-Operation X : X burner
Same like Jump Special, but deals more damage, deals more hits , lasts longer and you have invincibility frames. Both Charged and non charged are very effective against Super armors.

Type 2 (Natsu , Natsu Follows you around and adds additional attacks on some attacks)

Weak combo final attack
-Natsu grab
Instead of you uppercutting your enemy, natsu grabs them and roars at the player, big knockback and enemy is burnt.

Strong Jump
-Roaring Massacre
While you are shooting the fire balls, natsu roars at the area you are facing at. The roar has very good range, whoever natsu roars at, the enemy gets stunned, the next fire balls that shoot would aim at the stunned player.

Standing special
If you use standing special when natsu is summoned, natsu would transform into the thing and would be gone.
The non held version of the special
- First’s Cloak
You get invincibility frames for 10 seconds.

Held version of the special
-First’s Gauntlet
Your glove turns into a flaming gauntlet, by pressing x/c/xc, you blast a gigantic form of the gauntlet forward, unguardable and rings anyone that get hit out. The gauntlet is tall enough to hit flying enemies. This gauntlet is very fast and has great range, it is very good against super armor, if it hits upon super armor, it will just stay there and continuously hit the super armored thing with full damage from each hit.

Standing Super

Non held version
-Cambio forma modo defisa: I’s Cloak
Invincibility frames for 15 seconds, all stats + 2

Held Version
-Cambio forma modo attaco : I’s Gauntlet
Fire deals more damage this time, more range and last longer.

Type 3 Freezing Hitman( Orb on glove is now blue)
Adds ice element to all attacks.

Weak combo
-Freezing punch
Same as weak combo in type 1 and 2, but added ice element.

Weak Final hit
-Freezing trap
Grabs the enemy and freezes them in ice for 5 seconds, vulnerable from any attack. You can use a weapon, special, or press c again for pursuit attack. Chargeable for unguardable.

Weak Pursuit attack
- Freezing knockaway
Punches the player in ice away with good knockback.

Strong Combo
-Freezing kick
Same like strong combo in type 1 and type 2, but added ice element. The strong last hit is also the same, but they are trapped in the ice and hit forward with good knockback. The ice leaves a small trail of snow wherever the ice went. The snow trail freezes whoever that walks past it( except for you)

Weak dash
-Freezing trap
Throws a blue snow fire forward, explodes once it touches someone. It has great knockback and sends the enemy flying away in ice. Can be charged for unblockable. If the snow fire lands on the ground or the wall, it will stay there and last for 30 seconds. Whoever that walks on it will be trapped in ice.
Strong dash
-Freezing golf
Kicks the player away like soccer, if the player doesn’t ring out, he will be trapped in ice for 3 seconds. Chargeable for more knockback , more damage and unblockable. Super armor when charging.

Strong jump
-Freezing Spikes
Throws 2 ice bombs forward, 4 ice bombs when held. The spikes explode upon contact with a wall or a player. The bombs can be blocked, it blasts away the player that got hit by the bomb away, trapped in ice.

Weak Jump
Same like weak jump in type 2, but this time, the flames are blue.

Weak hold
-Vongola transformation
Changes ice status to normal status

Strong hold
-Vongola Frost
Same like the strong hold in type 2, but it is now ice element, fire and flames are blue and shoots ice flames now. The 3 rd stage leaves a ice trail like the one in strong combo type 3.

Standing Special
-Zero point Breakthrough
Normal special and counter special. If you don’t get hit, you shoot a huge hitbox blue flame with decent range forward and backwards. It deals a decent amount of damage and has good knockback. Good against against super armor. This attack can cancel out other multi hitters if they are used together.
If you get hit, you grab the opponent and freeze them for 10 seconds, you can use a weapon, attacks, special or you can press xc immediately after they are frozen to punch them away with a blue burning arm and deals full knockback. Extra MP needed for the punch.

Standing super
-Zero Point breakthrough : Revised.
Normal super : More damage , more knockback and more hits, players that get hit on the last hit of the flames ring out.
Counter super : More damage dealt, you cant use weapons or other attacks when you freeze the player. However, you automatically pursuit them ( No extra MP needed). You take a big portion of their hp and their mp and heals them for your own, then you blast them away with a gigantic blue fire.

Dash Special
-Freeze Orbs
Shoots 2 homing ice fireballs forward, does not aim for the same player. Players would have their controls reversed and they will lose health (like poison) and their whole body turns blue. Great damage but low knockback

Dash super
-Frozen orbs
Sends out 4 homing ice fireballs forward, does not aim for the same player. Players that get hit would ring out with great damage dealt, their controls are messed up longer and the poison is also longer.

Jump Special
-X burner : Freezing air
Same like the jump special in type 2, but ice element. However, this one deals more damage against super armors.

Jump Super
-Operation X: frozen x burner.
Same like Jump super in type 2, but ice element and more damage on super armors.

Type 3 (Natsu)

Weak Pursuit attack
-Frozen breath
Natsu roars at the ice , huge hitbox and with good knockback, deals more damage.

Strong Dash
After you kick the player away, natsu catches the player and spins round and round like a tornado, more damage dealt and when charged, the tornado lasts longer and is unblockable. If the player doesn’t ring out, his controls moves in a clockwise movement ( Up is now right, Right is now down, Down is now left, Left is now up)

Standing special
-Zero Point breakthrough : First addition
Normal Special : when you shoot forward and backwards, natsu shoots a similar x burner(1 sided only, shoots forward) to the nearest enemy. If there isn’t anyone nearby, natsu shoots upwards.
Counter Special : Instead of you punching the player trapped in ice away, natsu sucks the life out of the player, natsu heals your HP and MP then ring out the opponent in the opposite direction.

Standing Super
-Zero point Breakthrough: First Revision
Normal super : Natsu’s flame deals a lot more damage, rings out and more hits. Good Against super armor now.

Jump Special
-Natsu Freezing burn
Same as natsu burner, but natsu roars ice element of the burner and deals more damage against super armors.
Jump Super
-Natsu Frozen Roar
Same as Natsu roaring burner, but ice element and deals more damage against super armor.
x gloves tsuna.jpg
Drawing and edits on computer of the x gloves
x gloves tsuna.jpg (7.57 KiB) Viewed 4913 times
Drawing of Natsu
Natsu.png (33.01 KiB) Viewed 4913 times
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