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[Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated]

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[Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated]

Postby Shortcake » 17 Dec 2014, 17:25

Greetings, Fighters!

Global Accessory Design Contest
ss+(2014-12-16+at+08.24.01).jpg (65.47 KiB) Viewed 18902 times

It is with much pleasure that we would like to announce the FIRST GetAmped2 Global Accessory Design Contest!!

This contest will be held simultaneously for the US, EU, French, Brazilian and Indonesian GetAmped2 servers!

All you have to do to participate is to post an original illustration of your new accessory idea, with a short description of its attacks or specialties!
The ultimate winner will have that accessory made by the developers and featured as an in-game item!
The prizes are more exceptional than ever, so keep reading below for all of the details!

[Theme] *Updated as of 22:00 on Dec. 18th
There's no specific theme this time! The most amazing and creative idea wins!
Please present your idea in detail, in ways easy to understand.
Ex) Detailed information on the design such as overall concept, theme on the appearance, movesets etc will help the Management Team understand your idea more clearly.


Entry Period:
December 18th, 2014 (Thu) 19:00 pm ~ January 11th (Sun) 19:00 pm(PST) *The deadline was miswritten (24:00 pm). Corrected as of 18:45 on Jan. 5th
Results Announced:
The result will be announced as soon as possible, but please be patient, as it may take a bit longer to coordinate judging globally!

-Your illustration must be created by you. Any method is acceptable.
-You must have an illustration of the accessory and a description for the concept. *Updated as of 22:18 on Dec. 18th
-Your In-Game Name must be posted at the top of your submission.
-Your submission must be visible on this thread (SUBMISSIONS WITH OUTSIDE LINKS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE.)

[General Rules]
-Please enter your In-Game Name at the top of your submission.
-Only 1 entry per player. Entries in excess of this amount will be disqualified.
-Entries that do not include at least one original image will be disqualified.
-Please do not modify your submissions after they have been posted. We may not notice your changes.
-Any entries which have ideas/comments/captions/images/etc which are plagiarized or taken from external media sources will be disqualified.
*(Entries may be inspired by other media, but the image MUST be created by the participant.)
-Any entries which are found to be offensive by the management will be disqualified, and disciplinary actions may be taken against the entrant, so please don't use foul language or obscene references.
-No reservations! Please only post submissions. Reservation posts will be deleted for clarity.
-Please write your in-game name exactly as it appears, using any special characters and capitalization as necessary.
-DO NOT post the same submission to other server's forums. Entries that are not linked to their regional server will not be counted.
-Multiple submissions DOES NOT increase the odds of winning.
-We will not accept requests to transfer prizes to alternate accounts/servers/etc.

The GMs will select a variety of finalists from all of the submissions after the entry period has ended.
*Updated as of 22:00 on Dec. 18th

-Images must be visible on this thread. (You can look up tutorials on how to resize images if you're unsure. If we can't read your image, because it's too small, it probably won't do well in competition.
-Images must be JPG or PNG format.

In order to add images in your post, please select the "Upload Attachment" tab below, add your image, and then select the "Place inline" option underneath the "Posted Attachments" section.
(It'll be near that looooong white line that says "File Comment." Please don't add external links for your images!)

Upload images the right way
Image_explanation_for_dummies.jpg (40.57 KiB) Viewed 18903 times


*Each player is only eligible for one prize..
Prizes below are for the US server only.

-Global Champion (1 player globally) : Ultimate Accessory Designer (Permanent) Title
Winning Design Accessory x1 (after development)
Amped Draw Ticket x5
1st Place prizes of their home server
-Regional Champion (1 player, US server) : 6,400 Crescent
100,000 Win
Special Title: Ultimate Accessory Designer (365Days)
-2nd Place (~2 Player, US server) : 3,200 Crescent
50,000 Win
Special Title: Accessory Designer (365 Days)
-3rd Place (~3 Players, US server) : 1,600 Crescent
20,000 Win
Special Title: Accessory Designer (365 Days)
-GM's Choice (1~3 players, US server) : 400 Crescent
5000 Win
-Participation (all) : 1000 Win

Please don't forget to include your IN-GAME NAME at the top of your post!! Not your User ID, not your Community Nickname.
Your IN-GAME NAME.Failure to do so may mean that you won't be able to receive your prize. (´・ω・`)

Acc-Design-Example2013.jpg (150.68 KiB) Viewed 18903 times

Thank you for your attention! We look forward to your submissions!
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Koshiwa » 19 Dec 2014, 04:27

IGN: Koshiwa
Acessory: Cube|Element: Hit
Inspired by Cube wisp in Sonic Colors
sorry for keep editting...
SketchUp 2014-12-20 18-51-15-50.jpg
SketchUp 2014-12-20 18-51-15-50.jpg (233 KiB) Viewed 18285 times
full 02.jpg
full 02.jpg (59.92 KiB) Viewed 18755 times
full 01.jpg
full 01.jpg (58.6 KiB) Viewed 18755 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Crisikins » 19 Dec 2014, 04:59

thankyou for opportunity to give ideas here :3
Bone Cytheous.png
yay :3
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby FlamingNightmare » 19 Dec 2014, 08:00

First accessorie contest submisson. Yaay
Accessorie : Bizbox or Bebox.
Screenshot_2014-12-19-09-01-08.png (124.5 KiB) Viewed 18720 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby --AXEL- » 19 Dec 2014, 09:45

snapshot-587.jpg (122.49 KiB) Viewed 19628 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby yjjyjj » 19 Dec 2014, 09:57

Blazing lightning The firebolt striker red and yellow version of thunderbolt with blazing lightning attacks. ;) IGN Devin50

Moveset: X Attack combo: gut punch head punch. C Attack:Blazing Knee Stamp Gut punch.
Hold X:normal punch to the face. Hold C:Flaming Knee to the gut. Special Flaming Gut punch head punch Flaming knee stamp gut punch head punch
Moving Special:Flaming Head Punch knee stamp knee gut. Voltage: Flaming punch Flaming kick flaming punch to the gut then flaming punch to the face.
Moving Voltage: Flaming punch Flaming kick flare punch to the gut then flare punch to the face.
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby FrostyAbys » 19 Dec 2014, 12:17

IGN: FrostyAbys
Accessory: Glacial Daggers
Element: Ice
This accessory is dual daggers.
Description: Daggers that were frozen in time in the heart of a Glacier. Reborn to bring the world into its next ice age. Every slash with this daggers brings a snowstorm.
I don't know if i need to explain the move set but i made it anyway:
hold c- catches them in both daggers then spins and launches them
C- Stab in the neck
CC- Bring other dagger around and hits the enemy
hold x- Launches them in the air
x- Stabs them then freezes them
XX- stabs once then uppercuts them
Jump C- Places a Ice spear where u were pointing to
Jump X- Ice Slash
Jump Hold X- Long ice slash
Aim Special- uppercut, freezes them then multiple stabs with the daggers, then launches them
Run Special- Stab them once, freezes them, then launches them back using other stab by dagger, then launches them
Jump special- goes straight down, once it hits them it creates an ice barriage around them and
the daggers simultaneously hit the player until it reaches 30 hits then launches them
Glacial Daggers.png
Glacial Daggers.png (11.86 KiB) Viewed 15405 times

photo (1).JPG
photo (1).JPG (72.9 KiB) Viewed 15405 times
I'm FrostyAbys, also known as Snowman or Frosty. I make accessory ideas in my free time and hoping to submit one in the future.
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby NineSouls » 19 Dec 2014, 13:00

IGN : NineSouls

ACC: Dub Sword
Element: Thunder
i hope my acc make it to the game so can every one enjoy it
DUB SWORD ACC (2).png (239.15 KiB) Viewed 14501 times
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby Thonker » 19 Dec 2014, 13:20

IGN: Thonker
Accessory: Noble's Mantle
Illustrations included!
nobles mantle concept 01.jpg
Noble's Mantle Concept
nobles mantle concept 01.jpg (26.85 KiB) Viewed 14658 times

An outfit only used by kings and queens. Rule over your enemies and assist your allies with
this royal set! Includes a majestic crown, special jewel-incrested cane, and a fancy cape.

X COMBO: Jab forwards with the cane, followed by a thrust upward, knocking up enemy. Can be held for unblock-able.

X HOLD: Several jabs forward with the cane, final jab knocks enemy back.

RUN X: First contact, swipe horizontally. Can be held for unblock-able. After swiped, enemy is slightly suspended in air, clicking X again will push forward.

JUMP X: First contact, swipes upward (in mid-air) with the cane, knocks up enemy, can be held for unblock-able. After enemy is knocked up, clicking X again will slam them down into the ground.

C HOLD: Buff yourself and nearby allies with additional power and defense for a short amount of time.

STANDING SPECIAL: Starts with a jab, then a swoop into the air, a throne then falls from the sky and crushes the enemy. Finally, jump onto the throne, crushing the enemy again.
Standing spec.jpg
Standing/Run Special
Standing spec.jpg (59.52 KiB) Viewed 14743 times

VOLT STANDING SPECIAL: Same thing but crushes the enemy three times instead of two.

RUN SPECIAL: Same thing as standing special.

VOLT RUN SPECIAL: Same thing as volt standing special.

JUMP SPECIAL: Summon a sword to stab into the ground. A royal knight is then summoned, and picks up the sword. The knight thrusts forward at any nearby enemy.
Jump Special
JUMP SPEC.jpg (46.62 KiB) Viewed 14743 times

VOLT JUMP SPECIAL: Same thing as jump special but summons two knights instead of one.

NOTICE: I would upload more images of the move set, but I can only post three images. :(
Thanks for checking out my Noble's Mantle accessory concept! I hope you enjoyed the idea!
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Re: [Official] Global Accessory Design Contest 2014 [Updated

Postby yjjyjj » 19 Dec 2014, 13:22

Ice gun freezing everything it blasts hope u like it and have fun. IGN Devin50

Moveset: X Attack Combo: Freeze blast punch blast. C Attack: Freeze Blast kick punch.
Hold X: kick freeze blast. Hold C:Freeze blast.
Moving Special:Punch blast freeze blast. jump special: Freeze blast (frozen longer). Voltage:Freeze Blast Blast blast Freeze blast jump blast kick jump blast.
Jumping Voltage Special:3 freezing blasts.
Glacial gun.png
Glacial gun.png (90.7 KiB) Viewed 15524 times
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