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The Problem Vajra Authority Explained

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The Problem Vajra Authority Explained

Postby KoishiRock » 13 Aug 2016, 12:37

So I finally blew my top in GAT when trying to explain to somebody about my disgust with Vajra. I know a lot of people hate this accessory, but I feel I've mustered up a legitimate reason as to why this accessory receives so much disgust and hatred. It's NOT the accessory, its the style.

Even though it is noted that Knight Gear's pool of accessories is the smallest of all the styles, there are things even inside this pool of usable accessories that Knight Gear just shouldn't be allowed to use for balance reasons, and Vajra has basically topped the list with its ridiculous striking range. Now let's look at this pair for a moment here. Knight Gear is a robot style that likes to use mechanical apparatuses and beam weaponry. Berserker is a brute style who's specialty lies in incredibly improbably sized swords being swung with ease.

My point is that Vajra Authority being a classic example of BIG F***ING SWORDS, is balanced just right for Berserker's size, strength, and poor defense. The length is perfect for spacing to protect its frail body while simultaneously dealing incredible amounts of damage to the opponent, dealing even greater damage near death, saving its small MP pool for this Berserker Rage state. THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE THE STANDARD FOR VAJRA AUTHORITY'S OPERATION IN COMBAT.

And then we have Knight Gear, a style more or less made to wield Drill weapons and Beam Sabers. Now let's compare Berserker, being the standard and Knight Gear.

>Knight Gear is the largest style in the game, larger than Berserker and Hero.

>Knight Gear gets a full MP Bar, which means even more specials can be used

>Knight Gear with a Power Frame, Receiver Head, Chest Armor Plate, and Scope Unit Head can gain base strength HIGHER than Berserker, let's not even talk about the improvement on defense. And because of the Dash Special, the slow speed isn't even a problem, heck, the Strong Air has enough range to just outright punish anybody shooting at you. Let me share some numbers here, I got Strong Power, Toughness, and Big Solid on my Vajra. 11 Str, 9 Def. Of course this isn't the only way to build Vajra and a lot of people just like to be faster, I think this set is the most cancerous of them all because the sheer range and power of the accessory make it already incredibly hard to approach anyway, so throw on some insane defense and added HP and A SIZE ENHANCEMENT. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE WIELDING THE MOST BROKEN PIECE OF SH** in GAT.

>The only thing Knight Gear doesn't have over Berserker here is the increased health. BUT WHAT IS A FEW HUNDRED POINTS OF HP WHEN YOUR BIG SUPER ROBOT IS NATURALLY BIGGER, STRONGER, AND MORE DURABLE IN EVERY WAY

The point I'm trying to make here is that for Berserker being "the standard" of Vajra's play, Knight Gear one ups the style to the point that you wonder why Berserker is even an option despite probably being the most balanced choice you could ask for. Its for these exact reasons that everybody who constantly uses Vajra Authority in Avyon would tell you to USE THIS COMBO. :x
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