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Getamped 2 community

Postby Dexis » 07 Nov 2014, 15:44

i wonder why people act so stuck up on this game? it is turning people away from this game if player are only rageing heavy hard on the gat mode making them less like the game. i serious think they need to stop with the low crap kicking other player out just because they a begginer in getamped 2. You people need to change and learn to have fun not rage and kick people out the room.
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Re: Getamped 2 community

Postby turbulence » 08 Nov 2014, 18:15

Every mmo community has these stuck up players, especially ones that main thing to do is pvp. Since ga2 player base is pretty small for an average mmo, encountering people like this are fairly easy and common, and as for the reason why people rage it is that they are fed up like you are, have anger problems ,etc. Next, this seems like a rage thread to me since you were kicked out from a room, i do not know the circumstances for this but do consider that you may have either provoked the person or the person was simply trying to make room for a friend. Finally you saying this is not going to stop anyone from kicking people and raging, this thread is a perfect example of the phrase Beating a dead horse.
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