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Disconnect after playing in GAT

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Disconnect after playing in GAT

Postby tyler0011 » 25 Oct 2014, 17:38

Ughhhh I know I should have post this on Help&Support but I want it to post in here so that many can see it.
I've been experiencing alot of Disconnection after playing in GAT and it kinda annoyed me because everytime
I played I'll get DC after it anyone knows how to fix it? or is it server problems? I asked some players and they
aswell experience it too and some of them didn't experience it I tried to reinstall the GA2 but it didn't work
its still the same, thats why im asking some help because its pretty annoying hope anyone who read this would
reply and knows how to fix it thank you for your coordination :D Well no one wants to get DC after playing right?
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