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BAN SCORCH & Madison: Reason Ignoring me 24/7 + Hating me

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BAN SCORCH & Madison: Reason Ignoring me 24/7 + Hating me

Postby Murphylicious » 19 Oct 2014, 10:30

Okay so first I wanna say the reason why I'm making this Discussion and Post is because I want something off my case but good and that is I want Both Madison & Scorch Banned for good and out of my life okay like we became cool and great friends but because of what I did which I can't remember what I did now cause it has been almost a week over for me they are now and just started to put me on blacklist which IDK how long they'll put me in the blacklist and not only that but Scorch and I agreed that he would make my skins just for me and now that he's not my new skin maker is well even though you banned my friend electrofox that is my new skin maker so again all I ask is that you guys ban Both Madison and Scorch for Ignoring me 24/7 and also for hating me okay and if u guys don't do it & they are still gonna play GA2 then I'll be getting rid of my account on here and also for good even if ElectroFox will be making my skins okay that is all GA2 K bye
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