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skin forest help!

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skin forest help!

Postby subaru123 » 27 Sep 2014, 01:11

Hello, well today I decided to upload a skin that I had created the skin forest, I had heard that I could earn money through there but someone bought me one, I did not give any money or anything xD

idk if I did something wrong or I have to find the money or something, someone who can explain me how is that money is earned by the forest skin plz?

alot thank for the answer <3
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Re: skin forest help!

Postby turbulence » 27 Sep 2014, 06:20

Ah the answer is very simple, you get the win after each update i believe. You will receive a mail in game in game with the words similar to this " The skin you have posted has been sold!!!" there will be a present attached with the win you have earnt
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