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2015 Screenshot Contest

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Re: 2015 Screenshot Contest

Postby Alam_Scobar » 20 May 2015, 21:18

IGN: Alam_Scoba
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Re: 2015 Screenshot Contest

Postby SKITTLY » 20 May 2015, 21:50

TITLE = Perla the Pearl Princess (cousin of ariel the mermaid)
Perla , getting bored of having summer down the ocean again and again so she tried a new place THE BEACH because its the one closest to ocean. She tried inviting her cousin to come but her cousin do not want to join her so she just bring her pet shark named "THE JAWS"

Be adventurous and creative while you can You Only Lived Once

cousin of mermaid princess.jpg
screenshot contest
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Re: 2015 Screenshot Contest

Postby amyroseater » 21 May 2015, 09:12

IGN: Vengerful

get amped summer contest picture jpeg.jpg
I want so much go to beach T.T
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Re: 2015 Screenshot Contest

Postby Vioskeryn » 21 May 2015, 12:59

Entry for Screenshot Contest!

IGN: Vioskeryn

Theme: Summer Festival (Japan)

Description: "If beaches are a must-go during day-time of summer, then the night stands of a summer festival during the night-time are a must-go too! Grab your water balloons, floats, fireworks (accessories) and play with your friends! Have fun!"
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Re: 2015 Screenshot Contest

Postby Toukises » 21 May 2015, 22:03

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Title:Being the same in Reality and in Games

I post this because I don't have friends, truely I don't have friends because I'm shy in Reality and in Game/s yet I'm saying a little like yes, no, and ...
I don't want to win here but the main thing is to have friends.

In my screenshot I can show to all what are my fellings, at first you can't guess it but if you really look at the screenshot, you can guess it.
If you realize what I'm doing like studing because my parents scold me, can't go anywhere, no money to buy something/what I need and no time for playing
There's no water always so I can't take a bath and no electricity in a period of time everyday and eating two times a day?

but I'm happy somewhat because I shared my summer memories in the reality and in the game/s and I have pets (4 kittens) which is adorable and stray and they looking for food now and asking me for food, they are so noisy.

if you read and understand what I'm saying/typing, I can say Thank you! :D
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